Sunday, March 19, 2017


01 - THE BROKEN PRAYERS - Convalescent Man
02 - GREEN ON RED - Mighty Gun
03 - CHUCKANUT DRIVE - Little Did I Know
04 - DALE WATSON - Nashville Rash
05 - THE PLANET ROCKERS - One More Drink
07 - DUSTY COWSHIT - Smoke On The Water (Live)
08 - GO TO BLAZES - Chainball
09 - DAVID GRISMAN AND SONS - Hot For Teacher
10 - THE HOLLISTERS - Deacon Brown
11 - UNCLE TUPELO - True To Life
12 - NQ ARBUCKLE - Postcard From Princess
13 - THE TRIP DADDYS - Broken Memories
14 - FOUR PIECE SUIT - Spirito
16 - BLUE RODEO - One Day
17 - THE RAVE-UPS - Not Where You're At (But Where You Will Be)
18 - BLAZING HALEY - Train To Nowhere
19 - DRIVE-BY TRUCKERS - Buttholeville (Live)
20 - DEZPERADOZ - Last Man Standing

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The Young Werewolves are a Philadelphia rock band formed in 2002. The trio have been labeled rockabilly, psychobilly, punk, garage, and surf by publications such as Allmusic, Fangoria, The Village Voice, Maximum RocknRoll, assorted Horror, Tattoo, Hot Rod magazines, several alternative weeklies and international fanzines.

The trio met after guitarist Nick Falcon posted ads on the internet and in music shops searching for "musicians interested in forming a band with a sound like The Ramones-meets-Buddy Holly at a Beef-and-Beer. All greasers please apply." Attracting attention from the underground press and steady airplay on specialty radio have enabled a frequent touring schedule.

In 2004 their music was licensed for broadcast on the fifteenth season of MTV's popular reality television series The Real World based in Philadelphia. AMC licensed music from the band for broadcast during the network's annual Monsterfest programming during Halloween season in 2007. In 2011 Showtime used The Young Werewolves’ music during an episode of Shameless starring William H. Macy. USA Network and Spike TV have also incorporated music from the band in Burn Notice and Blue Mountain State respectively.

Their second full-length recording, Cheat The Devil, was released in 2008. Sid Haig is the executive producer and is featured on the cover artwork. He also provides the introductory narration on the track Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde. Their third recording, Sins Of The Past was released in 2010 and included saxophones. In 2015 VH1 listed The Young Werewolves as a defining band within the Horror Rock genre.

1. [2004] The Young Werewolves

01 Evil Soul
02 Zombie Car Chase
03 Blackjack & Roulette
04 Black Cat
05 The Night The Phantom Went To Graceland
06 Wolfabilly Blues
07 Graveyard Of Love
08 Curse Of The Cocaine Mummies
09 Who I Am
10 Dead End Friend
11 I Can't Resist
12 Werewolf Fever
13 Halloween
14 Werewolf Wedding

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2. [2008] Cheat The Devil

01 Hollywood
02 Mischief Night
03 Devil Dancer Girl
04 Cheatin' The Devil
05 Run Away
06 Fire
07 Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde
08 Gala Monster Rally
09 Satan's Daughter
10 Touched By A Demon
11 Guns, Guns, Guns
12 Shapeshifter
13 Tattooed Aliens
14 Hungry Like A Werewolf

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3. [2010] Sins Of The Past

01 Twelve Steps To Rock N Roll
02 Good, Bad, Misunderstood
03 Midnight Monster Hop
04 Zombie Prom
05 Dead And Gone
06 In The Shadows
07 Now's The Time
08 The Dreamtime
09 Damned If You Dare
10 Generation Breakdown
11 Rise Or Fall
12 Under The Full Moon
13 Hot Rod Burnin'
14 Rockabilly Lobster

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Friday, March 10, 2017

Blue Collar Criminals - Broken Hearted Songs, For Bitter Minded Drunks, H8-Piece Records, 2017 (Review)

Blue Collar Criminals - Broken Hearted Songs, For Bitter Minded Drunks, H8-Piece Records, 2017 (Review)

Every now and then there is band you end up hearing about, And all though they are different than you. There are things that make you feel like they are old friend's. And that you walk shoulder to shoulder with them, hand and hand to fight the good fight known as life.

Well, Tucson Az's Blue Collar Criminals are that band for me. I first became aware of them through a friend of mine here in Tucson Mr. Jeff Swiney of My Dad Hits Me Records. He gifted me 2 CD's and I instantly fell in love with their music.

After that I sought front-man and all around nice guy Mike Villalobos out on low and behold Facebook. We quickly became acquainted and struck up a friendship. Mike had informed me B.C.C. was working on new material and there would be a all new release in early 2017.

Well, let's fast forward a bit now, I can go on for day's about things. So it's now Feb 2017 and the brand new B.C.C. CD drops. I meet up with Mike to pick up my copy of this new disc "Broken Hearted Songs, For Bitter Minded Drunks". And well basically nothing I could say or think of was going to get me ready to blast this fucker.

I popped the disc in my CD player in my truck and headed home when the disc started off with the usual B.C.C. Type intro, then right out of fucking left field the intro switched up on me. And one of the best intro's to any album I own hit my ear's. I knew from the chills running up my spine that this disc was going to be a good one.

Needles to say I played this whole disc all the way home that day. then as it ended I had to drive some more to hear it again. This is one of them disc you just can't get enough of. Some of my picks on this 12 song disc are: "Sid Hatfield, Hold On (Bonecrusher Cover), Same Old Road, Maybe The One, Bitter".

There is absolutely something for everyone here. So many people have asked me what thew disc sound like. All I say is well it sounds like the B.C.C. I'm not going to tell ya what I think it sounds like. Why you ask, well cause I think you should snatch up a copy and think for yourself on it.

I will tell ya this it's most def for fans of Oi, Punk and just good old Rock n Roll. Don't let this disc pass ya by folk's. It's just too damn good for that. I swear that if you have any passion in your heart this music is for you.

Monday, March 6, 2017

DOG HAND STRING BAND [2017] Tooth n Nail EP

Hailing from Leeds, UK and forming in late 2015, then placed on feared permanent hiatus, due to the banjo player's hand gettin 'bit off by a damn mutt'. The band, consisting mainly of members of Bootscraper, Jake and the Jellyfish, Bad Knaves and China Shop Bull, forthwith dubbed themselves Dog Hand String Band. Now they're back with working fingers, ravenous hunger, righteous ire and sinister new powers.

What is a dog hand? Poison soaked murder ballad, backwoods bluegrass, horror folk. Liquor, corruption and bad juju. Imbibe at own risk.

01 Intro/Blood Moon Blues
02 Threw You In The Well
03 Aristabano Mountain Bar
04 Gin Shop Hollow
05 Long Live The Dead
06 Behold The Crow

"Tooth n Nail" was recorded entirely live in a mere 2 hours, no money, no edits, no bullshit, representing the awful cacophony you'll see live. Mixed by the band's idiot banjo player/singer and mastered on the promise of a place to stay to bide out the coming apocalypse. This is the first Dog Hand. There is another on its way. Free to download. Due dirt for true devils.

Released February 7, 2017

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STEVE HOPHEAD [2015] Old Stories EP

Stephan Imobersteg is Steve Hophead.
Steve Hophead is Stephan Imobersteg.

Home brewed Roots’n’Blues, roasted in the Northwest and brewed in the Alps is Steve Hophead's brand. With an open mind and ear the Swiss songwriter collects old and new pieces of music on his travels through Ireland, Scotland and the USA. At home in Frutigen in the heart of the mountains he creates melodies, stories and emotions with Guitar, Dobro, Harp and Irish-Bouzouki. Folk, Blues and Rock are the ingredients that Hophead uses to form his Roots music.

01 Runaway
02 Lean
03 Let It Flow
04 Sleep Well Silence

A collection of oldies:
"Runaway" and "Sleep Well Silence" taken from Stephan Imobersteg's "The Only Other Items EP"
"Lean" and "Let It Flow" taken from EvilMrSod & Stephan Imobersteg's "Vulcano Firefighters"

Released November 26, 2015

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Sunday, March 5, 2017


01 - TOM GILLAM - Good Morning
03 - THE JOHN HENRYS - Lost In The Canyon
04 - THE PINE HILL HAINTS - Never Gonna Die
05 - THE LENNEROCKERS - Desperados
06 - CALEXICO - Two Silver Trees
07 - STEVE HOPHEAD - Runaway
09 - AFTER ALL THESE YEARS - Brand New Dodge
11 - PAVULON TWIST - Dice With The Devil
12 - THE RATTLESNAKES - El Caballero
13 - COSMIC COCKFISH JUKEBOX - Alcoholocaust
14 - OUT OF LUCK - Sunrise At The Foggy River
15 - GAZOO BILL - I Can't Believe It
16 - THE UNTAMED - Annie
17 - MACON GREYSON - Fine Line
19 - DOG HAND STRING BAND - Threw You In The Well
20 - OLD 97's - Good With God (feat. Brandi Carlile)

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Saturday, February 18, 2017

The Death Roots Syndicate Volume V (2016)

The latest edition in the Death Roots Syndicate compilation series features many exclusive and rare tracks from the Dark Roots Underground.

01 - Franckch - Farewell To Cheyenne
02 - Blackgrass Gospel - Stack Them Bones
03 - The Redemption's Colts - White Demons
04 - The Sad Bastard Book Club - Titled
05 - Hells Fire Sinners - Livin' Lies
06 - Ryan McKern - I've Died For So Long
07 - Pinebox Serenade - Trying
08 - Sumerias Fain - Devils Pallbearers
09 - The Parasite Paradise - Lucifer Luminous
10 - stroszek - can't make things undone
11 - King Jezuz & Duke Zatan - Szatan
12 - St. Äma - The Citys Burnin Down Tonight
13 - Jim Strange - Fuck Of The Century (With Leviticus Neptune)
14 - Reverend Black Claw - Forsaken But Not Forgotten
15 - 40RTY - God's Wounds
16 - Seuora - Call Of The Void
17 - Sardonic Sloth's Miserable Minstrel - Twelve Gauge Aneurysm
18 - Ghosts Of Grandads Past - Come To My Funeral
19 - Sons Of Perdition - In Service Of The Worm
20 - ViViTA - A Hex
21 - Slackeye Slim - No Place I Belong
22 - Jen Necro Cannibal - For You
23 - Roberto LeBlanc - Real Wet Too

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The Death Roots Syndicate Volume IV (2016)

The fourth excursion into the creeping depths of the Dark Roots underground. Many tracks featured here are previously unreleased.

01 - Slate Dump - Random Park Girl
02 - Muleskinner Jones - Revolutionary
03 - Slim Wild Boar & His Forsaken Shadow - Junkyard
04 - Zwyntar - Танцюй і Пий (Dance & Drink)
05 - Seuora - Hush 2016
06 - Giorgos Giannopoulos - Sinner's Dream
07 - Reverend Elvis And The Undead Syncopators - She Never Done Me Wrong
08 - L'ira dell'Agnello - Aria densa
09 - Cyanna Mercury - Pontian Carol
10 - Jim Strange - Neon Hell
11 - EvilMrSod - SxSxSx
12 - Roselit Bone - Roselit Bone
13 - JB Nelson - Sunny Expression
14 - The Giant Undertow - Lone
15 - Jeremiah Crow's Insufferable One Man Show - There Will Be Blood
16 - Cockroach Prophets - Tumša Nakte
17 - The Mussy Cluves - Omelettes On My Neck
18 - Sleepy Eyes Nelson - Nothing Like The Bottle
19 - M.M.S. Kaiser & His Sad Children - Peeking Thru The Cracks
20 - OldBoy - Unsure
21 - The Pissmisters - The Creeping Horror
22 - t.k. bollinger - Long Slow Suicide
23 - The Last Surrealist - Death Meditations

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01 - ANDY WAGNER - Something's Watching
02 - JOSH ABBOTT BAND - Scapegoat (Heart Of Stone)
03 - THE PINE BOX BOYS - The Wedding Gown
04 - THE DILLARDS - Polly Vaughn
05 - THE LEGENDARY KID COMBO - Oliver And Jenny Knox
06 - DRIVIN' N' CRYIN' - Ain't It Strange
07 - TEMPLE OF THE DEAD MOTH - This Morning Will Eat Us Alive
08 - TIN HORN PRAYER - Dying To Dry
09 - KASEY CHAMBERS & SHANE NICHOLSON - The Devil's Inside My Head
10 - RUMBLE CLUB - The Devil's Shadow
11 - THE TERMITES - Somebody's Gonna Pay
12 - BLACKGRASS GOSPEL - Stack Them Bones
13 - THE METEORS - Loneliness Of A Long Distance Killer
14 - HEATHEN APOSTLES - Murderer Of Souls
15 - PHANTOM OF THE BLACK HILLS - Black Hearted Killer
17 - OLDBOY - Death
18 - THE HOWLIN' TUMBLEWEEDS - The Hanging Verse
19 - BLUE MOUNTAIN - Last Words Of Midnight Clyde
20 - THE DEVIL MAKES THREE - Graveyard

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Wednesday, December 28, 2016


01 - THE ROBBER BARONS - Waxahachie
03 - THE GOURDS - Shreveport
07 - SOUTH AUSTIN JUG BAND - Raleigh And Spencer
08 - TONY JOE WHITE - High Sheriff Of Calhoun Parish
09 - ROBERT EARL KEEN - Wireless In Heaven
10 - SCOTCH GREENS - Deaf Girlfriend
11 - OWEN TEMPLE - I Don't Want To Do What I Do
12 - THE BOTTLETONES - Beat The Devil
13 - BLACK SMOKERS - Hey Mama
14 - CRUISERS - Life Ain't Easy
15 - DANNY AMIS - Los Amos Del West
16 - CHAD JOHNSON AND DOWN 1450 - Cadillac
17 - CASEY DONAHEW BAND - Alabama Slammer
18 - HANK CRANE - Pistolero
19 - EASTWOOD - They'll Never Take Me Alive
20 - THE REIGNING MONARCHS - ...And Then They Were Upon Us

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Friday, December 23, 2016

The Dog's 2016 Xmas Mix

01 - LIGHTNING RODS - The Day Santa Was Born
02 - THE HEIZ - Santa Claus Is Coming To Town (Live)
03 - KIM McAULIFFE - Merry Xmas Everybody
04 - BULLET BOYS - Every Day Should Be Like Christmas
05 - THE SHECKIES - Holly Jolly Christmas
06 - BAD RELIGION - White Christmas
07 - X-MAS PROJECT - Winter Wonderland
08 - ARSON ACADEMY - Jingle Bells
09 - SPYDER DARLING BAND - Run Rudolph Run
10 - BOWLING FOR SOUP - I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus (feat. Paul Gilbert)
11 - HATEFUL - Merry Christmas Everybody
13 - DESTRUCTORS - Xmas Spirit
15 - MY SON THE BUM - Flight Deck
16 - THE TICKTURDS - The Santa Clause
17 - THE LOAD LEVELERS - Blue Christmas
18 - MASKED INTRUDER - Under The Mistletoe
19 - FUTURE IDIOTS - I Won't Be Home For Christmas
20 - THE DOLLYROTS - Messed Up Xmas
21 - ANGRY SNOWMANS - Horror Christmas
22 - TOUGHSKINS - It Could Be Worse
23 - MISSILE TOADS - Sock Full Of Coal
24 - BASEMENT 5 - Last White Christmas

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Monday, October 31, 2016


01. It's Only Halloween

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01. Children Of The Cauldron
02. Come Black Magic
03. The Legend Of Squid And Moon
04. Behave
05. Where’s Your Ghost
06. Odd Stories
07. Hollow Points
08. Old Skin
09. Dull Boy
10. Army Of Me
11. Whole Way Down
12. Hexlings

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Uncle Ben’s Remedy is a hometown band that doesn’t fit into a single musical slot. Their unique sound is rooted in the tiny hamlet of Versailles where community still matters and music is a part of every event. Three of the five band members learned to play and sing in this small town atmosphere, giving their music the honest, back porch feel of the country music they love.

Uncle Ben’s Remedy is Ben Westlund, singer and guitarist; Harmony Griffin, guitar, banjo and mandolin; Shawn Huestis, piano, accordion, fife, vocals and more; Brendan O’Connor, upright bass; and Jimmy Royce, drums and vocals.

Ben, Harmony and Jimmy grew up hanging out at family band practices, soaking in the sounds of the Allman Brothers, Johnny Cash, Lynyrd Skynyrd and Merle Haggard. Even today, every family party ends in a big traditional sing along, often with Ben and Harmony’s grandmother taking the lead.

 “We sort of took the long way home” laughs Westlund when talking about UBR. “We all paid our dues in rock bands while coming up”, he adds. This rock and roll background is quite evident in Uncle Ben’s live show and the audience reaction. “It’s sort of like the old time country, says Jimmy; “that rock and roll energy kind of gets in your blood and it ain’t easy getting out.”

“We knew what we needed to put some honky tonk and get this band moving”, says Harmony. “We knew Shawn was the best piano player around. The fact that he played 27 other instruments was a nice surprise. There was no way we could do this without an upright bass player. I knew Brendan from a punk band we used to play in and I knew he could sort of hold his liquor.” Shawn later admits “to be honest, after one practice, we knew he was the guy and basically kidnapped him”

They released their debut record, “Yesterday’s Clothes,” in 2014 featuring music written by Ben and recorded at Robbie Goo’s GRC Studios. The first single; Little Devils has been featured on 107.7 Alternative Buffalo and gained airplay on several other Western New York radio stations. “Yesterday’s Clothes” themes include leaving home (with a nod to Dr. Seuss), the evils of moonshine and the refrain, “the grass is always greener where you fertilize.”

UBR won the summer 2014 Battle of the Bands at the Canalside Concert Series in Buffalo that earned them an opening slot for Lake Street Dive. The guys also opened for Artimus Pyle and have played at Nietzsche’s and the Sportsman Tavern in Buffalo, and Mickey Rat’s on Lake Erie.

For UBR, the magic happens when their blend of original songs and cover tunes bring audiences to their feet to dance and clap their hands. So join them, and bet you can’t resist stomping your feet and singing along. The band’s enthusiasm is contagious and at some point, you’ll realize you’ve stayed way too long!

Roots grow deep in fertile soil. This theme runs through all ten songs of Uncle Ben's Remedy's newest release "Not Far From The Tree."

Hailing from the upper fringes of Appalachia in Western New York, Uncle Ben's Remedy holds tight to the outlaw tradition of classic country while foot stomping through all the greatness that is Americana. 

In this latest effort, these WNY hillbillies explore the delicious ills of moonshining, dive into the water holes of the mighty Cattaraugus Creek, and pull up stumps to warm themselves by the fire in the field. New listeners as well as fans of the band's first EP release "Yesterday's Clothes will surely find comfort in the back woods storytelling and instrumentation, while "Not Far From The Tree" expands on the band's formula with refreshing and unexpected space and depth.

For more information on the band, their music, and their upcoming antics, visit their website, like them on Facebook, or raise your glasses with them at a Honky Tonk near you!

1. [2014] Yesterday's Clothes

01 - Pedal To The Metal
02 - Okay With Fighting
03 - Trouble In Getting Home
04 - 'shine Is Delicious
05 - Little Devils
06 - Squirrel
07 - Drinking Man
08 - Here's To You

59.15 Mb

2. [2016] Not Far From The Tree

01 - Fire In The Field
02 - Money
03 - Cut My Losses
04 - These Beds (feat. Katie Clark)
05 - The Old Apple Tree (feat. Ruth Westlund)
06 - Bootlegger
07 - Black Rock
08 - Nothing To Wait For
09 - Too Dumb
10 - Zoar Valley
11 - Cats

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Saturday, October 29, 2016


Roland Kay-Smith is a Sydney-based songwriter and musician. He has performed with bands Smitty & B. Goode, Roland K Smith & the Sinners, and Walrus, with whom he won triple j’s Unearthed. As a solo artist, Roland has released two EPs, one album and one single, and has performed at venues across Australia, as well as in London and New York.

1. [2008] Roland K Smith

01 Someone Else
02 The Routine Blues
03 Ya Go On
04 I'll Write You In The Morning
05 Too Many Times

44.52 Mb

2. [2012] Blue And Green

01 Dirt Farmer Blues
02 I'm Leaving Town
03 A Song To You
04 Blue Collar Blues

24.57 Mb

3. [2015] Sailing By The Stars

01 Lay Me Down
02 I Lost Her To The Ocean
03 Marylou, I See You Too
04 Morning Light
05 Fire On The Mountain
06 Sydney Harbour Bridge
07 There Goes The Sun
08 I've Learned To Live Without You Now
09 Bring My Body Home
10 Come In Spinner

68.09 Mb

4. [2015] Oxazepam

01 Oxazepam

4.73 Mb