Saturday, August 25, 2012

Songs Of The Working Man (A Nekrodad Compilation)

01. Chilly Cadaver Intro
02. Superyob - Strength Of The Nation
03. Total Chaos - Tomorrow
04. Cock Sparrer - Take Em All
05. Die Hunns - Rock N Roll Blvd
06. The Baboon Show - It's A Sin
07. Pennywise - Let Us Hear Your Voice
08. Transplants - We Trusted You
09. Black Market Baby - Backseat Sally
10. Booze And Glory - Working Class Hero
11. Star Fucking Hipsters - Empty Lives
12. Business - Coventry
13. Stiff Little Fingers - Safe As Houses
14. The Pisstons - Reatard
15. Vanillia Muffins - Sugar Oi, Come On
16. Sham 69 - Unite And Win
17. Bottlejob - Kill Your Boss
18. Blitz - Someone's Going To Die
19. 4 Skins - The Return
20. Frankie And The Flames - S.L.A.G
21. The Casualties - Sounds From The Street
22. Kids Of The Street - One Of Us

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Complied By Nekrodad
This goes out to the working men and women of the world. Never let them grind you down.


  1. This comp was a real labour of love for me. I had it in production for almost 3 months. Due to the fact almost all bands signed on for it. Premissions had to be gotten. The only band we had issues with was Sham 69. At Jimmy Purseys request we left the dong on. So i hope u all enjoy what i came up with at dp studios. Its real its honestvits how i feel and felt at the time. Still feel like this. Part two is in the works as well.


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