Tuesday, October 23, 2012

NekroDads Farewell...." V.A. Hello, Farewell, Goodbye"

Hello Friends, It is I Nekro, I am writing to let you all know that I am leaving the blog world. I have been a very strong force on the blog scene for the last 5 years with Radio Satan, The American Psycho, The Death Party, etc, etc. Well, the time has come my friends to pack it up, I am done!! over finished. I have grown very sick and tired of blogging with no thank yous, no hellos or anything. So this is my farewell. I want to thank my lovely wife Chilly Cadaver for putting up with this shit for so long, My Lil Son Alex, Sven, And Big Spookie. There have been some I met along the way as well. Mark, Petr and a few other stand up dudes. And then their is the guilty, the assholes I have come across, they know whom they are. Well I wish you all well. And until I post again, in which I dont see happing, Farwell my friends. Yours Cruelly, Nekro
"This guy is the hardest workin mother fucker in the scene! He puts together compilations like a real pro & is more resourceful than any 5 pirates I know! I have the distinction of calling him a friend & because of him I can call myself a true psychobilly & so can the rest of you fuckers with all the obscure, rare & vintage B-sides he has exposed us all to. So farewell Nekro and godsend there is another out there a tenth as talented & resourceful as you!" Big Spookie......
Hello, Farewell, Goodbye Disc 1 01 - MECO - Empire Medley 02 - THE ADICTS - Hello Farewell Goodbye 03 - U.S. BOMBS- Hobroken Dreams 04 - GREG SAGE - Straight Ahead 05 - NICK 13 - All Alone 06 - MAU-MAUS (USA) - Joyride (to the End of the World) 07 - THE CROWD - Right Time 08 - REZUREX - Armageddon 09 - BLITZKID - Dying Day 10 - 999 - Obsessed 11 - THE WIPERS - Over The Edge 12 - CJ RAMONE - Low On Ammo 13 - HAVANA 3AM - Hey amigo 14 - NOIZEE - Under Summer Skies 15 - WHISPERING PINES - Sunrise To Sunset Disc 2 01 - SPENT IDOLS - Oh No (Here We Go Again Original 94) 02 - PIN-UPS - Harmony In My Head 03 - PISTOL GRIP - Closing Time 04 - THEE FLATLINERS - Cemetary Gates 05 - MARKY RAMONE - Maybe Tomorrow 06 - CJ SLEEZE - In The City 07 - COBRA SKULLS - Walk Away 08 - BOBBY WAYNE - Spread My Ashes On The Highway 09 - FULL STORY AT MIDNIGHT - Everything But A Tomorrow 10 - DAVE PARSONS - Giving It Up 11 - RECKLESS ONES - Dead and Gone 12 - THE P.O.X. - The Passenger 13 - HENRY CLUNEY - Inflammable Material 14 - EDDIE AND THE HOT RODS - Quit This Town 15 - GENERATION X - Kiss Me Deadly Oct, 2012 A DEATH PARTY PRO., Complied By NekroScot


  1. http://www.sendspace.com/file/g13xkk

  2. Here is the correct link

  3. Great comp matey, pity it's your farewell post but understand your reasons.

    Wish you all the best for the future and don't let the bastards wear you down.

  4. Thank you Broths, it has been a real pleasure to know u all these years. Have fun out there,and maybe our paths will cross again someday my friend.


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