Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Captain Butter Balls Presents: Rockin In The Coffin Volume 01

Hello new friends,

I would like to introduce myself, I am Captain Butter Balls. I have been in many psychobilly bands throughout the years. Phantom Rockers, Meteors, Demented Are Go and Frantic Flintstones to mention just a few. I have toured the world many times with different artists and I am one hell of a drummer, if I do say so myself!

What brings me here is Nekrodad, I first stumbled upon his music blog the American Psycho 3 years or more ago, I followed him to his Death Party blog and the numerous other blogs he ran or contributed to over the years. His posts were outstanding at all these blogs. He always had the best and rarest Psycho, Horror and Punk, with a little Rockabilly thrown in the mix for good measure.

I shot him an email one day telling him who I was, but he had already done his research on me. He had already figured out, from my comments on his and other blogs, that I was part of many of the bands he was posting. I became a silent partner with him, shooting him uploads as well as sending him actual CD's from my own private stash.

We became friends over the last few years and he's still a good friend to this day. When he told me he was done blogging, I was shocked and blown away. I thought, this kid really had some awesome posts, not only his download links, but the brutally honest album reviews and all the peripheral band info he provided were what separated him  from the crowd. I shot him an email, and said I would like to continue the work he started. He said "Great,  have at it!" (probably with a smirk on his face). I said I'd like to make some comps and post some hard to find CDs. Again "Have at it!"  was the simple reply I found in my inbox.

So, I made a comp for the blog, with some in depth notes on each track. Zipped it, uploaded it and sent it to him for review. Upon approval, he'll send it to his mate Barkingdog who will post it.

Here is the good part kids, He replied "Have at it then, and lets see what ya got!" So that's how I came on the blog scene as a writer. I hope you enjoy what I have to share, And hope to get to know the rest of you a little better.

Stay Sick,
Captain Butter Balls

And without further ado, here's the bloody good compilation:

01 - ALIEN SEX FIEND - Boneshaker Baby
02 - KOFFIN KATS - Ballad of Frankenstein's Monster
03 - SNAKE EYES ROLLERS - Tainted Love
04 - THE ROCKATS - Make That Move
05 - THE AVERY WOLVES - Dead Moon Night
06 - THE METEORS - Paranoid
07 - THE QUAKES - Wasted
08 - TWO WITCHES - Nightmare
09 - THE SILVER SHINE - Dreams
10 - REZUREX - Rockin In Your Coffin
12 - STRINGBEANS - Drugs Or Roulette
13 - NEKROMANTIX - Generation 666
14 - STRAY CATS - 18 Miles From Memphis
15 - PITBULLFARM - White Trash Gigolo
16 - SHARK BAIT - Night Time People
17 - AS DIABATZ - Goodbye Julie
18 - LEE ROCKER - Rockabilly Boogie
19 - TIGER ARMY - Outlaw Heart
20 - ROBIN - Malibu Beach Nightmare
21 - THE SLANDERIN - Lost In Eternal Night
22 - 12 STEP REBELS - Nowheresville

Tracked By Captain Butter Balls
Cover Art By Barkingdog
Project Overseen By Scot Nekro Vincent
This Is A Death Party Production 2012

121.84 Mb


  1. Thank heavens for real psycho, punks, mods and rockers. This is a very good comp. And a real team effort.

  2. A good team effort, notes, notes, and notes . Lol


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