Monday, December 3, 2012

LORDS OF THE HIGHWAY: The Dog's Choice Cuts - A Personal Best Of

01 - Drive
02 - Rip Off
03 - Rig Race
04 - Corn Fed Dames
05 - Spy On The Run
06 - She Won't Get Under Me
07 - '72 Chevy Malibu
08 - Hollywood Babylon
09 - Roadrage
10 - Flo
11 - Ready To Rock
12 - Zombie Truckers
13 - Land Far Away
14 - Get In Your Pants
15 - Funeral For Santo
16 - King Of The Ville
17 - Cheese Barn
18 - All Murder, Guts And Fun
19 - Johnny 5 Point
20 - Rig Rock
21 - Rebel Yell
22 - Graveyard Beyond The Woods
23 - My Name Is Evel
24 - Run From The Graveyard

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A huge thanks go to Dennis A. Bell for permitting this compilation to be posted. If you like what you hear, don't be shy, go and purchase the albums!!

Links and extra info:

Lords of the Highway posted a new song exclusively for their fans: "You Break My Heart (I Break Your Face) Compressed"

Lords Of The Highway-09-04-10 recorded live @ Peabody's (Cleveland, OH) Saturday September 4th, 2010 at "Kickin' the Devil's Ass: A Benefit for Brother Ed"!

Read a review of the New Lords of the Highway CD (Death Before 2nd Place)

Another new CD Comp with the Lords of the Highway is out, "Wreckhouse Radio Presents The Death Of Radio Volume One", from one of the coolest Rockabilly/Psychobilly Internet Radio stations out there: Tons of other cool bands as well.

The Lords have a new limited run of T-Shirts. They have the Die Monster Die art work on the front of a black shirt. Any size shipped right to your door click here to find out more

A new compilation with the Lords is out & it's a must have, "Gasoline Records Presents The Sounds Of Gasoline Volume 2", other cool bands on this comp: Hillbilly Casino,Turbo AC's, Voodoo Glow Skulls & many more. Check out their site at The Lords have copies for sale at their shows.

The Lords are also in a new short film called Jesus County Fair. This is a very similar to the TV show Hee Haw, corny jokes, bands, etc. You also get to see the Lords guitarist Dennis A. Bell in drag! The DVD is available at their shows & at the Lords website.

They also came across a box of some old Lords vinyl & comp CD's only a few of each. These will complete your collection of the Lords catalogue! VERY RARE and LIMITED QTY!

Yes the Lords Merch truck just unloaded a whole slew of new records!

CD Comp: Wreckhouse Radio Death of Radio V1 (Wreckhouse radio) Very Cool!

CD Comp: The Sounds of Gasoline volume 2 (Gasoline Records) 21 Song of fury!

DVD: Jesus County Fair Hee Haw like show

CD: Die Monster Die  (RVG Noise records)  12 Rock songs & another installment of Truckman

7in: Dirty Deeds (Drink-n-Drive records) AC/DC cover split w/ Whiskey Daredevils "You Shook Me All Night Long"

CD Comp: American Psychobilly Compilation (Analog Arkives)  2 songs by the Lords & other kick ass bands: Koffin Kats, The Quakes, The Hellbillys & many more.


And you can also buy "Die Monster Die" & "Rarities" on Amazon, Napster, EMusic, iTunes & Rhapsody! Spotify iLike MOG Tresco

They have only a few copies left of "Rarities" & "Degreaser"!

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