Sunday, January 20, 2013

Panic - 13 (1978) (Ultra Rare)

PANIC were from Amsterdam, Netherlands and formed in 1977 as a follow up to the short lived band “Big Peter and the Terrible Garage” (see poster on album cover). In 1978 PANIC’s LP 13 was released by two labels; first by Universe (red vinyl) and then by Ariola (black vinyl).

In July 1978 PANIC played in CBGB’s Club & CBGB’s Theatre in New York, making them one of the first European punk bands to play stateside. The latter performance was broadcasted live from coast to coast on WPIX-radio, including an interview after the show.

PANIC - 13 (1978)

A2_Dead Or Alive
A3_It's My Pain
A4_(So You're) Lost
A5_He Can Come
A6_I Wanna Be Loved

B2_Follo The Trend
B3_10 $ Pleasures
B4_For Bu(c)k
B5_S. for Dic.
B6_Requiem for Martin Heidegger



  1. hi,can you re-up,please???thx and cheers !!!

  2. hi,can you re-up,please???thx and cheers !!!


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