Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Various Artist - The Revenge Of The Speedballin' Leecher

The Revenge Of The Speedballin' Leecher

01 - ADOLECSENTS - Guns Of September
02 - MAD PARADE - Borrowed Time
03 - U.S. BOMBS - We Are The Problem
04 - BAYSIDE - Poison In My Veins
05 - AGNOSTIC FRONT - For My Family
06 - BLOOD FOR BLOOD - White Trash Anthem
07 - NEKROMANTIX - Rot In Hell
08 - THE WANDERERS - Ready to Snap
09 - JEFF DAHL - Junkies Deserve To Die
10 - DAREDEVILS - Hate You
11 - PENNYWISE - Yesterdays
12 - MAD DOG COLE - Hell Is What I'm Used To
13 - REBEL REBEL - We Will Survive
14 - RANCID - Fuck You
15 - JOAN JETT - Bad Reputation
16 - JESSE MALIN - Wonderful World
18 - LONGWAY - Junkie
19 - OPERATION IVY - Jaded
20 - RAMONES - Something To Believe In

a DEATHPARTY production, 2012.
Tracked, Edited, and Mastered By NekroDad (Scott Vincent)
This is a FREE comp, Made to express my feelings ONLY!
Cover Art : Sven
Cover Model Cant Say But It Looks Like T**y

Well hello,
As you all know I decedied a few months back to stop posting at blogs.
As you can see I have had trouble doing this. Rather it be working on
comps here or at FREEPUNKFORPUNX blogspot. I have decedied to
return to this world slowly due to the fact I missed ya all.

Now some things were said about me over at RADIOSATAN music blog.
A blog which I and I ALONE carried for years. Not even it's creator could match
my fury of post. Many of you out there know this to be true.

Well all I have to say to the RADIOSATAN crew is FUCK YOU! You idiots
wish you had half the collection I have or had. Oh wait you do, Why cause I shared it with
all of you duche nozzles.

There are a few folks there I am not speaking about, Dethsteele, Barkas, Satan and RS. I mean you
no ill will this is for the idiots who are selfish and only take from every blog
they lay claim to but never give back. You know who you are (T**y)


Scott "Nekrodad" Vincent

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  1. Welcome back matey, downloading now and will give my thoughts once I've had a chance to listen to it.

  2. thank you for the welcome brotha, i know we have been dropping comes and i know i came back with Who shit... But this is my first post of the new year.

    i hope you enjoy myself revieling comp as much as i do broski.

  3. Great comp Scott, you done good with this, thoroughly enjoyed it and it's not as dark as I was expecting it to be.


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