Monday, March 11, 2013

Negative Trend - November 1978 (Posh Boy Ep, 2011)

Negative Trend - November 1978
1. Black And Red
2. Meat House
3. I Got Power
4. Mercenaries
5. Atomic Lawn
6. I Got Power (Alternative Version)
7. Mercenaries (Tooth and Nail Mix)


  1. Any chance you could re-up this?
    Also, any idea where I could hear the Soul Power/Domonique single?
    I've heard it's awesome but can't find it anywhere.

  2. No chance of reup don't do that sorry. Maybe sometime down the line. As for the soul power 7" I am thinking you mean Rik's band the slaves. That's who he did that song with. I have never seen a single of that track. But I do own the slaves LP and CD as well. Very rare album.

  3. Nekro!

    Your Agent Orange "Bitchin' Summer" description earns you plenty of points with me.

    But now for the demerits : Why "kinda of a shady release"? What can I explain for you?


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