Sunday, March 10, 2013

Symbol Six - The Posh Boy Sessions (2011)

This Malibu group never reached their full potential, sadly never releasing an album's worth of material. Their songwriting was on par with the best of the O.C. groups. Singer Eric (Ric) Leach remembers : "We played close to 50 shows with some very established bands: Social D, 45 Grave, China White, Redd Cross, TSOL, Bad Religion, Channel 3 .... Lee Ving once said we were one of his favorite bands ... "
During the late 80's, Posh Boy included their material as a bonus on Agent Orange's Living In Darkness CD. The one outtake from their recording session(s) was Box of Bones which was included on PBS 120 The Future Looks Brighter LP.

Symbol Six - The Posh Boy Sessions (2011) EP 

1. Ego
2. Symbol Six
3. Taxation
4. Beverlywood
5. Box Of Bones


  1. Awesome they were a good band. Not so great today. But good as all hell at one time.

  2. Hey NP man just trying to keep the old stuff alive in a world where punk has gotten so fake.

  3. Not so great? Ha ha their fucking phenomenal!

  4. That's your stupid opinion. Lol u wish they were. Maybe if it was the same band today as it was then. The only thing is amazing about them now is Tony Fate is the guitar player. Why don't u be a man next time and leave your name pussy.

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