Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Lords of The New Church - The Gospel Truth

CD One: Studio Rarities 1987-88  Re Mastered 
Making time **
Bang bang baby maybe
Real bad time
Things go bump
Walking the dog**
Dance with me Version II **
Gun called justice (French radio session) 4:16 intvw
My Alibi (demo)
Never be another one (demo)
Wine women & song (demo)
New Victorians (Real Bad time) (demo)
Loyal to the Queen (demo)
Religion (Gun called justice) (demo)
Lords Prayer demo   (demo)
Stiv Bator: Vocals. Brian James: Gtr.  Grant Flemming: Bass. Nick Turner: Drums Mark Taylor: Kybds ** Alistair Symmons : Gtr
CD Two:  The Agora Cleveland 6.10.1982
Completely unreleased live radio show on Stiv Bator’s home turf, from the first tour of America in support of the first album
New Church
Question of Temperature
Girls girls girls
Livin on Livin
Eat your heart out
Russian roulette
Fortune teller
Open your eyes
Lil boys play with dolls
Holy war
Stiv Bator: Vocals. Brian James: Gtr.  Dave Tregunna: Bass. Nick Turner: Drums 
CD Three: Lyon 12.6.88
Question of Temperature
Pretty baby scream
Russian roulette
Making Time
Livin’ on livin’
Happy Birthday
Gun Called Justice
Dance with me
For your Love
Black girl White girl
The lords prayer
New Church
Things go Bump
Stiv Bator: Vocals. Brian James: Gtr.  Dave Tregunna: Bass. Danny Fury : Drums


  1. Thanx for this one and.....gosh..... i like your girlfriends on the right side !

  2. Haha NP man and yes I like em too amigo


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