Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Slaves - S/T, 1990 CD (RIK L. RIK)

This album I am posting up tonight is a very obscure and rare album by the mighty Rik L. Rik. For those of you that have never heard him. this is a great place to start. For those familiar with him. This is a must have for your collection . This was a short lived band Rik did in 1989-1990.

Rik was the first L.A. Punk to release a album with his band F Word. and from there forward we know the story. Sadly Rik died in 2000 of brain cancer . This is the full Slaves album ripped from my cd @ 320kbs. Its time to share this. People need to hear the original LA punk rocker in his glory.

The Slaves - S/T 1990

01 Sleeping With Suzanne
02 Transmission
03 The Absent Wife
04 Poverty Of Love
05 Dominique
06 Soul Power
07 Song For Nico
08 Corral Gables
09 Look Into September
10 Last Song


  1. Awesome, thanks. Rik's stuff is really hard to find on the net.

  2. NP man I agree there is not much Rik out there. It is really sad that people seem to have forgotten about him. This is a stand up album and has Tex Mosley on guitar which is a major plus.


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