Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Besmirchers - Besmirch And Destory

Together for just over eighteen months, Tucson AZ's The Besmirchers have quickly made a name for themselves as one of the most explosive bands to emerge from the Sun Devil State. On their brief but brutal debut CD, Besmirch And Destroy, they tap into their collective decades of experience (the band features current and former members of the 440s, Cretin 66, Cocknoose, Whiskey Bitch, The Sophistifucks and Useless Pieces of Shit) to create 10 inspired blasts of raw, uncompromising old school punk rock. Each of the album’s songs reflects the chaos of their legendary live shows and, just like their performances, feels like it could turn into a full-scale rock and roll riot on a moment’s notice. True to form, the band has never played the same venue twice because, as one band member put it, "After we play a venue, they tend not to book live music there anymore."

TRACK LISTING: Pussy And Smack * One More Slut * Dead Fuck Girl * Daddy's Little Fuckhole * I Always Let Her Down * I Touch Myself * Unlucky At Love * Heroin Doll * Besmirch And Destroy * March Of The Besmirchers

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