Friday, April 26, 2013

The Undead - Act Your Rage

This is my personal favorite Undead Lp. I absolutely love this band have for over 20+ years.

Act Your Rage LP

Mr. Glen Anzalone may try to deny it, but the Misfits just about lost it all
when they chased off the driving, wild guitaristics of Bobby Steele.  The
guy's a fuckin dynamo of six-string aggression: he plants himself square in
the crossroads of Hendrix and Thunders, does amazin shit with feedback,
crashes hooks right into marshall crunch, then shrugs like it was meant to
be.  Unfortunately, the cat's also had a string of setbacks and misfortune
that'd wilt lesser men.  But, Bobby just juts his chin, plugs in, and blows.
Here be the first full-length Undead LP, and it delivers everything all Bob's
classic singles promised some core-ish moments borderin on Adolescents
territory, and whole shitload of roaring anthemic early punk in Who/Dolls
vein, with more'n a smidge of everything Bobby brought to the Misfits.  The
geezer's (as always) got a whole gaggle of isntant classic on his hands,
like 'I Don't Wanna Go' and 'We Don't Want the Poor In NYC'.  He even manages
to turn in the first 'Eve of Destruction' cover that doesn't make me wanna
puke.  It's about time Bobby started flexin' his muscles this loudly; let's
hope he can do this sorta thing more often.  -Tim S.

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