Friday, April 26, 2013

The Undead - Til Death!

This is when I personally came to know Bobby Steele. We have been friends ever since. This was a great follow up to Act Your Rage.

Bobby has recently reissued these albums missing some tracks which he felt did not suit him and where he is at in life today.

This is a rip from the Post Mortem release. I do have the first pressing as well on underworld which is the cover shown here.

The Undead is a horror punk band formed in October 1980 in New Milford, New Jersey by Bobby Steele (vocals and guitar), Chris "Jack" Natz (bass) and Patrick Blanck (drums). Steele (then of the Misfits) and Natz had been playing with drummer Richie Matalia as a side-project called The Skabs. When Matalia departed and Steele was fired from his main band the Misfits, the trio of Steele, Natz and Blanck formed The Undead.

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