Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Wanderers - Only Lovers Left Alive

Currently out of print, this super group was sorely overlooked in the history books. Featuring Stiv Bators backed by Sham69 .

Short lived, never got attention, perfect masterpiece post punk rock 'n' roll!

After the Dead Boys demise,
Stiv went solo and released 2 LP's + singles.
Then came The Wanderers.
Lords of the New Church was soon after.

Punk fans at the time couldn't imagine the results of this band, most definitely they certainly couldn't have foreseen this bladerunner styled concept album about a teenager who stumbles onto an ex-CIA agents tapes all about who really runs world affairs, as Dr. Beter details. Razor sharp guitars, searing torches including acoustic guitars. "No Dreams" lays out an agenda that would loom large in Bator's next band. The rest of the album runs similarly bleak. Without a doubt, "Ready To Snap" is the highlight of the album and is a battle cry to commence the boot boys to teenage war. The sophistication of this work has never been properly honored, seems to have never hit,, bellowing over the heads of many a punk.

This is a true document "of the times" and therefore an essential extraction from the paths of gods we follow!

This is their original LP (released in 1981) with a bonus track "Beyond The Law".


1] Fanfare For 1984
2] No Dreams
3] Dr. Beter
4] Little Bit Frightening
5] Take Them And Break Them
6] It's All The Same
7] The Times They Are A Changin
8] Ready To Snap
9] Can't Take You Anymore
10] Sold Your Soul For Fame
11] Circles Of Time
12] There'll Be No Tomorrow
13] Beyond The Law


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