Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Wasps - Punkryonics

Long overdue compilation of Wasps stuff from the ever dependable Overground label that specialises in making this sort of music available from the less publicised and successful punk acts of yesteryear.
If you read through the Wasps entry on Punk 77 and read their interviews they come across as a bit of an enigma regarding their history. That said what's the cd like? First off it its got extensive sleeve notes and rare photos. Music wise it contains their classic Teenage Treats/ She Made Magic single and one of their contributions to the Vortex live album,the immortal Can't Wait Till '78.

This compilation however adds the demo versions of some of the best songs in their sets through the years. Best of these included is JJJenny about a Roxy punkette, Run Run Angelica and a tougher version of Rubber Cars their one single for major label RCA. Like most compilations it has its highs and lows but offers substance to the view that The Wasps were a fine band with an ear for a tune but were never going to be one of the rock'n'roll greats.

Gripes. The Wasps did two excellent John Peel Sessions. Shame they weren't included. The RCA single of Rubber Cars would also have been great to complete the discography and also their version of Waiting For My Man from the Vortex album. And lastly there no dates or personnel for the songs to place them historically.

That said for punk completists this is an excellent cd.

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