Thursday, May 2, 2013

Damnation - The Unholy Sounds Of Damnation

California's Damnation unleashed more of their gritty, fast-paced punk rock on their fourth full-length in late 2002. The 11 songs are completed in 19 furious minutes, starting with the irreverent "Fuel Injected Priest" and the chaotic "Garbage Truck." Vocalist Shaun Kama again leads the way with his take-no-prisoners approach, while guitarist Tod Surridge, bassist Al G, and drummer Robert Shawn back him with frantic, unfettered instrumentation. Often compared to the Misfits, the disc continues with "Spell on Me," a catchy, sped-up rocker, like much of the disc. Keeping listeners on their toes, the band also offers up a parody of the Mamas & the Papas' "California Dreamin'" on the fiery "California Demons." "Blood Junkies" tackles the theme of vampirism, and "Formaldehyde" embraces California's pop-punk sound. The Unholy Sound of Damnation was produced by Blag of the Dwarves and was released by Rock and Fucking Roll Records in November 2002

A1Fuel Insect Priest
A2Garbage Truck
A3Spell On Me
A4Gone Rogue
A5What Doesn't Kill
A6California Demons
B3Shut The Hell Up
B6Eating Our Enemies (Live)
B7Killing (Subhumanz Cover) (Live)

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