Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Death Riders, The ‎– Soundtrack For Depression

This is one of my favorite albums that has graced my ears in the past few years. I have had this in some form or another since its release but never owning the actual cd. Hint if anyone has one they want to sell. Email me.

Dark twisted Horror Rock from L.A. CA. I would like to thank Streetpunx for providing this digital copy to me. You are ace in my book bro.

1God Hates The Dirty Ones
4I'm A No One
5Death In The Valley
6No Mercy
7Mexican Radio
9Turning Blue
10Dead Garden

Warning this is not a punk or metal or psycho album. It is a Horror Rock album. And a damn good one.


  1. Any chance for a re-up on the Death Riders - Soundtrack for depression?


    1. No can do - don't have it, but you may be able to get it from here - - that's if the good doctor does indeed re-up it.


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