Sunday, May 5, 2013

The Death Party Present - Songs Of The Working Man (2nd Edition)

Hello friends about a year or so ago I under took a project to make a semi legit online comp. And have it for free downloads. Well this is the final product and it was very well received a year ago.

Since it was only available for 3 months it came and went. I got tons of emails stating they loved it. And a few saying it sucked.

This is a honest to goodness working class comp. On the cover is a good friend Mr. Edwin Bear. I took this photo at work one night and had Braking Dog fix it up for me, Thanks Doggie.

Mr Edwin was a hard working man . Worked his whole life. He flew 68 high profile combat missions in Vietnam. Came home a messed up but a better man. Traveled the world and did it all.

During our friendship he told me many stories of his life all were very interesting. Edwin was very proud to be on the cover of this comp. Sadly to say my friend died a few months back. And I am re releasing this comp for FREE downloads again in his honour

Thank you Edwin Bear for being my real friend and telling me all your awesome stories.

Your Friend,
Scott Nekro Vincent

This comp features Superyob, Total Chaos, Sham 69, Penny wise, etc 22 freaking working class hits for you to enjoy.

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