Friday, June 28, 2013

Gargoyles - Down On You EP

Based out of San Francisco, California, The Gargoyles formed in 1989 out of their love for the raw 70s vintage of The Dead Boys, The Stooges and Jeff Dahl. Originally consisting of Doug Heeschen (guitar), Julia Altstatt (bass), Lisa Lombardo (guitar), Tim Storm (vocals) and Brian Tyranny (drums), an accompanied inspiration of Russ Meyer and Roger Corman films fueled the band as they released a series of seven inches between 1990 to 1991. Shaken Street Records eventually debuted The Gargoyles first mini-LP Down on You in 1991, followed by the 1992 full-length Without End. By 1993 however, Neil Smith (guitar), Alison Victor (guitar) and Tony Palmer (bass) filled in for the departed Heeschen, Altstatt and Lombardo before the Inflexible mini-album came out in 1994. But by 1995, co-founder and front man Tim Storm relocated to Austin, Texas that year, thus ending The Gargoyles six year tenure

Track List :

These Things And More
Ride Into Your Mind
Fistful Of Sand
Devil Devil
Coke Whore

(I would like to thank My friend Nick from the UK for this amazing EP. He actually owns the vinyl and ripped it for me and sent a CDR to me. My thanks Mr. Nick.)


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