Friday, August 16, 2013

Brian James - Damned If I Do

Ok blog friends what we have here is a new album of re recordings by Damned founder Mr. Brian James.

I have been thinking about posting this since I bought it a few days back. Personally I found it muddy and sloppy and also awesome and great. Brian can rarely do wrong. (Reforming the Lords was wrong)

And these are his songs. I read someplace that he didn't want to do it but the label was bugging him to death.

I have also read lots of praise of the album and a lot of negative reviews too. So I post this for a ltd time. So that way you can make up your mind.

If you like it seek James CD out. If not delete the file and forget you ever heard it.

1. New Rose 
2. Born to Kill 
3. You take my money 
4. Feel the Pain
5. Sick of being Sick
6. Alone 
7. I fall 
8. Fan club 
9. Neat Neat Neat

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