Sunday, August 4, 2013

The 222s - She Wants Revenge

The 222s were among Canada’s earliest punk rock bands, releasing the very first DIY indie single to come out of their hometown Montreal back in 1978, the now highly collectible 'The First Studio Bomb b/w I Love Susan' on Rebel Records. They were certainly the first legitimate Quebecois punk band, all members, with the exception of singer Chris Barry, being French-Canadian, with French being the working language of the primarily unilingual group. When the 222s first started up in the spring of 1977 there were no venues in Montreal that would even consider booking them, so early on their gigs were primarily underground affairs, usually taking place in artist’s lofts or industrial spaces that had long been abandoned. For the style- conscious 222s, who most certainly lived the life they sung about, just walking up the street to get to one of these gigs could be a perilous affair, if only because their clothing, considered offensive to far too many people, was often enough to incite violence among the punk-hating music fans of the day. Over the course of their carrer, the 222s toured Canada as extensively, as any band could (Girlschool, the Stranglers, the Professionals and others), and even in the USA where they toured with the Nuclear Accidents and ventured off to play at the famous Max`s Kansas City in New York City on several occasions. The band split up in 1981 but reformed in 2012, so keep your eyes open, the kids are back in town!!!! In the meantime, grab this AMAZING all studio Lp!!!! Absolutely 'a must' for every true punk fan!

Track List:

A2Hold Up
A3Always Around
A4She Wants Revenge
A5Fun, Fun, Fun
A6Academic Drop
B1First To Third Round
B2A Poupee Qui Fait Non
B3Come To Me Cold
B5First Studio Bomb
B6Something New
B7Dumb Girl

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