Sunday, September 15, 2013

Various – Beyond The Southern Cross (1984)

Nice double compilation album of alternative / electronic / post-punk / no wave bands from Australia and New Zealand.

Taken from the inner sleeve:

“The high point of Australian independent music occurred over the period 1978-81 when bands like Whirlywirld, Tactics, the Birthday Party, The Go-Betweens and The Laughing Clowns played some of the best gigs that part of the world is ever likely to see. But let’s not get overwhelmed by nostalgia. There is still a constant activity in the Australian indie field; old bands break up and their members form new ones; brand new bands appear and occasionally earlier bands re-form. Despite peaks and troughs, the sense that something is happening never totally disappears. This album contains a selection of independently records released over the last five years in Australia and compiled the past fifteen months. The idea was to highlight bands who never had overseas releases, although by the time, of the approached completion, two of the groups, Severed Heads, The Triffids, had been released in Britain. Also, Samurai Trash have now signed to Virgin Australia and can no longer be considered independent. Unsurprisingly, it is probably their track which most closely approaches a major company definition of “commerciality”. We by no means claim this LP to be definitive, merely illustrative. Some very good bands are not featured because they never got around to releasing a record, or if they did it didn’t do them justice. Several groups declined to appear on the compilation while others have been omitted because we never got to hear them. The collection has a strong Sydney bias — we received few records from elsewhere despite advertising in the national music press — but there are also bands from Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Newcastle and Wollongong. All the music was recorded in Australia except for The Clean who are from New Zealand.”

Beyond The Southern Cross was released as a double vinyl album by Ink Records (INK 4D) in 1984.

01 - GREAT WHITE NOISE - Parent Apparent
02 - THE TRIFFIDS - My Baby Thinks She's A Train
03 - SAMURAI TRASH - Come Out And Play
04 - WHIRLYWIRLD - Win Lose
05 - TACTICS - National Health
06 - OTHER VOICES - Another Tuesday
07 - TACTICS - The Usual
08 - UPSIDE DOWN HOUSE - Maintenant
09 - UPSIDE DOWN HOUSE - The Wonderful Curse
10 - NO NIGHT SWEATS - Two Unbidden Cups
11 - THE CLEAN - Billy Two
12 - I'M SPARTACUS - Donna Is Distressed
13 - BRING PHILIP - Bodymen
14 - THE SUNDAY PAINTERS - Emotion Sickness
16 - WHIRLYWIRLD - Sextronics
17 - SEVERED HEADS - Petrol
18 - MAD ROOM - The Lever
20 - THE CLEAN - Point That Thing Somewhere Else

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