Sunday, September 8, 2013

Whip Cracking Daddies - Playing With Knives

Jim Jeffries leads the Whip Crackin' Daddies through a fantastic debut.  Evil Psychobilly with Rockabilly and Punk influences, cooking up something new with some great original songs.

This hard rockin' trio is led by Jim Jeffries (Rancho Deluxe/Caravans/Mad Dog Cole), along with Paul "Choppy" Lamboure (Demented Are Go/Caravans/Nigel Lewis) and Mark Richards (Get Smart/Caravans/Rancho Deluxe).  With this line-up expectations are high - and this magnificently produced debut album deliveres everything you want and more.

Review:   You get the message straight away with the opening lyric ‘I’m gonna murder you baby’. This is sleazy rockabilly from the twilight zone, all tales of betrayal, sex and revenge sung in Jim Jeffries inimitable vocal style that is often accentuated with liberal amounts of distortion. The music is Rockabilly, but a very tough version with a definite edge. Some of the guitar solos go off on a very modern tangent that will delight those with a penchant for such dalliances away from the traditional. The rhythm section is a power house that propels the songs way past the pink pegged bubblegum world of the safe 50s into the murky underbelly little explored but often hinted at, themselves not afraid to deviate from the expected in timings and bass runs topping off an excellent album.   (Simon Nott)

Playing With Knives:
2Playing With Knives3:33
4Headin' West2:40
51000 Cuts3:08
6Method To My Madness2:38
10Dirty Tricks Campaign2:57
11Don't You Dare2:13
12King Sleaze2:24
13Joke's On You3:04
14After Tonight

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