Monday, October 7, 2013

Legal Weapon - Squeeze Me Like An Anaconda

Legal Weapon are a Southern California punk band, initially composed of singer Kat Arthur, guitarist Brian Hansen, drummer Charlie Vartanian, bassist Patricia Morrison (formerly of The Bags and later of The Gun Club, The Sisters of Mercy and The Damned) and guitarist Mike R. Livingston.

The band's early full-length albums Death of Innocence (for which their lineup included Steve Soto and Frank Agnew of The Adolescents) and Your Weapon were well-received; its later efforts less so. With her powerful voice, Kat Arthur is often called "the Janis Joplin of punk".

Tracklist :

2Damaged Wreckage
3Ass Attack
4Can't Afford Nothin'
5Power, Lust, & Greed
6Last Fall
8Warsaw Tuinal
9What She Knows
10Don't Ask Why
11No Compromise
14You Don't Say

Thanks to Nick Foxx

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