Sunday, October 13, 2013

Screaming Bloody Mary's - Get In Get Off Get Out

OK friends Big Nekro here. Well my lovely post for the evening will be SF California Punk Rock Legends the Screaming Bloody Mary"s. This CD was issued in 1995 on So Cal label Dr. Dream Records And is a kick ass rip roaring 30 min blast of Dead Boys, Dwarves, Motorhead, Johnny Thunders type of punk n roll action. Not much info on the web these days about the band. So sorry about that friends. Anyways check em out I ripped it from a brand new CD @ 320kbs for all you folks out there.

Track Listings
2.Green Light
3.Lady For Life
4.Here Before
5.Gone Gone Gone
6.Take Your Life
7.Telling Lies
9.Make You Mine
10.Johnny B. Dead
11.Junior Is A Friend Of Mine
12.Train Wreck


  1. Screaming Bloody Mary's are back :

  2. Yes but not even the same singer. What is Dave Dalton thinking? I was offended watching a new video.


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