Friday, October 4, 2013

The Suicide Kings - High And Mighty

Take yer medecine / Slut / Switchblade / Cadillac boogie / Faster than the speed of love / Better go now / Digging a ditch / Suicide king / Bad blood / Back sass baby / Bad love / Bummer bitch / You're so inconvenient / Smash & grab / 96 years° / Take yer medecine (alt)°/ Love it° / Dumb & stupid° / Bad boy° / Fist fight° .

Bonus tracks °

The Humpers : Scott "Deluxe" Drake : vocals, guitar / Jeff Fieldhouse : guitars, vocals / Pinky Flamingo : vocals / Bill Warman : bass / Jeff Spring : drums .

Excerpt of a Scott "Deluxe" Drake interview in "Life in a bungalo" :

The liner notes of the Suicide Kings "Teenage Disaster" (Sympathy for the Record Industry) album make you guys seem like seedy characters; any truth to those rumors? Do you still have your old manager’s watch? I’ve never been convicted of anything. Speaking of the Suicide Kings, I bought this CD (maybe mid-1997?) called "The Humpers : High and Mighty Suicide Kings" (on a label I hadn’t heard of before and haven’t since Sonic Records). I’m pretty sure it’s a bootleg, but the sound quality is very good (better the stuff on the SFTRI album). It’s got all the songs off of the Suicide Kings actual LP plus some bonus stuff. The liner notes say it should be considered the first Humpers album. Have you seen this particular release? Who is “Pinky Flamingo?

Scott : - That is a bootleg and should NOT be considered a Humpers’ album, it’s a Suicide Kings album. The two were very different bands. The liner notes on that thing are complete nonsense. Pinky Flamingo was the singer of the Suicide Kings; he hasn’t played in any bands recently.

Ripped from my CD @ 320kbs


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