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Misfits - Beware EP

Beware was the fifth release from the Lodi, New Jersey horror punk band The Misfits. Since it was originally intended to be available for the group's 1979 UK tour, it combined two earlier, out of print releases, with the substitution of one new track.

This 12" EP was co-released in the UK in January 1980 by Armageddon/Spartan Records and in the US by Glenn Danzig's Plan 9 Records as number PLP9. A pressing run of 3000 was ordered with 3120 actually being delivered by the pressing plant. A limited number of copies were sold within the US through the Misfits Fiend Club, which included an 8"x10" photo of the album cover as an insert.

The first four songs were the same mixes used on the Bullet EP, but with the tracks in reverse order. The other side was essentially the Horror Business EP. However, the song "Children In Heat" was replaced by the only previously unreleased track, "Last Caress."

The entire EP was recorded at C.I. Recording in New York City, but on two separate occasions, one year apart. Bullet had been recorded in January 1978. Horror Business was recorded one year later. "Last Caress" was also recorded at the first session, but was remixed, with reverb added to the vocals and a guitar overdub recorded in September 1979 by Glenn Danzig and Bobby Steele. It was the only track ever to be released from that particular mixing session.

"Last Caress" was later covered by Metallica with the song "Green Hell" off Garage Inc. and The $5.98 E.P.: Garage Days Re-Revisited. Punk rock band NOFX also covered "Last Caress" on the Misfits tribute, "Violent World" Others who have covered this song include AFI on Shut Your Mouth and Open Your Eyes, Batman, Eye Q, a rockabilly version by the Bricats on Swing-A-Billy Chartbusters, acoustic versions by Local H and Papa M, and a jazz/lounge version by Daniel Jordan.

Misfits - Beware 12" EP (Vinyl Rip)

Side A
1."We Are 138"  1:40
2."Bullet"  1:37
3."Hollywood Babylon"  2:17
4."Attitude"  1:28
Side B
1."Horror Business"  2:42
2."Teenagers from Mars"  2:41
3."Last Caress"  1:55


Celebrity Skin had its roots in Los Angeles hardcore band the Germs (band). Following the death of Darby Crash and subsequent breakup of the Germs in 1980, Germs guitaristPat Smear eventually formed the band Vagina Dentata with former Crash girlfriend Michelle Bell on vocals, bassist Tim Ferris, and drummer Gary Jacoby. Vagina Dentata recorded a version of the song “Golden Boys”, reputedly one of the last songs co-written by Darby Crash before his death, and a number that would become a Celebrity Skin staple for many years.

Following the breakup of Vagina Dentata in 1985, Ferris and Jacoby recruited guitarist Robert Haas (formerly of the band Endless Banana) to form Celebrity Skin. Their first gig was reputedly a backyard performance for some graduating Caltech students, and was characterized by multiple costume changes and drum solos to flesh out their 15-minute set. At this point, Celebrity Skin did not have a regular drummer, and instead went through a number of drummers (supposedly 27), including, the “Little Matador” and Cujo. Jazz fusion guitarist John Goodsall of the progressive rock bands Atomic Rooster and Brand X was also briefly a member.

Due to their raucous, prop- and costume-filled live shows, they were eventually banned from every club in Hollywood, and subsequently relocated to San Francisco, at which point former Verbal Abuse (band) guitarist Jason Shapiro joined as second lead guitarist. They experienced similar difficulties in San Francisco, where they again were banned from a number of clubs due to their outrageous stage shows. One infamous show took place at the V.I.S. Club on Divisadero Street a week before Christmas.(Date Needed). Photographer and artist Tony Millionaire created a mechanical sleigh pulled by 4 skinned goat heads. The sleigh had a bull’s penis in it and the heads rocked back and forth feigning motion. The show was shut down prematurely by the owner, and the animal parts were callously thrown into the street. The next day the penis and heads were discovered off Hayes Street. Shortly thereafter the San Francisco Chronicle ran a story of “possible ritual animal sacrifice”. (SF Chron date needed).

After Cujo left the band they were united with another Germs alumnus, drummer Don Bolles, who had also played with Vox Pop and 45 Grave following the breakup of the Germs. At this point, Celebrity Skin focused on the music and costumes, and toned down the more sensational aspects of their stage act. In 1988 they recorded their cover of “SOS” by ABBA for the SST Records compilation The Melting Plot. By 1989 they were one of LA’s top live acts, and stories about the band appeared in the Los Angeles Times and in the hardcore magazine Flipside.

In 1989 the band began negotiations with the German record label LSD Records, which had recently signed the LA retro-alternative bands Thee Fourgiven and the Miracle Workers, to go to Berlin and record an album. Negotiations fell through, however, when the band discovered that the record label had only purchased them one-way plane tickets. At the same time, they were evicted from their apartments and forced to live in “The Celebrity Suites”, a suite of offices above a dance studio overlooking Hollywood Boulevard; and adjacent to the offices of Rock City News. However, in April 1989 they were soon evicted from these as well and forced to find other accommodations.

In late 1989–early 1990, Celebrity Skin signed with LA-based record company Triple X Records. Triple X Records, founded in 1986 by Dean Naleway and Peter Heur, had developed a reputation for signing first wave hardcore bands like D.I. and Rhino 39, and had recently achieved much success by releasing Jane’s Addiction’s first album. It was hoped that Triple X could do for Celebrity Skin what had been done for Jane’s Addiction, i.e., to take a highly popular local band and record a debut album that would allow them to reach a larger following, resulting in a major label deal. Celebrity Skin joined a stable of other popular LA live acts, including Liquid Jesus, Inland Empires Funky Junkies, Pigmy Love Circus, the Ultras (formerly the Ultraviolets), on the Triple X label and would do many shows with these other bands.

In early 1990 Celebrity Skin recorded a four-song self-titled EP which was produced by producer and former Sparks guitarist Earle Mankey, who had previously produced albums byThe Runaways, The Dickies, and The Three O’Clock. The EP was recorded in Mankey’s Thousand Oaks house and was released in April 1990. Throughout 1990 the band played a number of gigs at LA clubs the Roxy Theatre (West Hollywood) and the Whisky a Go Go with such other acts as Liquid Jesus, L.A.P.D. (aka KORN), the Ultraviolets, Haunted Garage, Tender Fury, the Miracle Workers, Thelonious Monster, Steel Pole Bath Tub, and Babes In Toyland (band). Celebrity Skin toured the US in 1990 as the opening band for Psychic TV.

In early 1991, the band recorded their first long-playing album, entitled Good Clean Fun, in Hollywood, which was released in April 1991. The album was produced by long-time punk producer Geza X (who had produced albums by Germs (band), the Weirdos, Black Flag (band) and the Dead Kennedys). The album showcased the band’s progressively greater pop direction but didn’t sell well.

The members of Celebrity Skin typically dressed either in female drag or in elaborate costumes that included body paint, platform shoes, wigs, furs, crowns, lederhosen, feather boas, glitter, longjohns, cheerleader outfits, spacesuits, and tuxedos. Theme shows were a feature of Celebrity Skin’s performances. They included a gig for which each member of the band dressed as a different cast member of The Wizard of Oz. Bassist Tim Ferris had long blond (occasionally green) dreadlocks and singer Gary Jacoby at times sported two different hair colors. The musicians would often take on different fictional personalities both on stage as well as off. Bassist Ferris took this to the extreme, and he would transform himself for days. Memorable Tim Ferris alter-egos were; “Fred McMercury” (a strange combination of Fred MacMurray and Freddie Mercury), “Polyester-Man” (a 70′s sleeze-ball complete with three piece suit and disco hair), and “Mountain-Man” (a rough and tumble fella from the Ozarks with a Coon-Skin hat, and buck-skin coat, pants, and boots). Gary Jacoby was known to have shown up for a gig dressed as Pinocchio.

In 1990, Celebrity Skin were playing in New York, touring with former 45 Graves bassist Rob Graves (who was helping them out on the road), when he was discovered dead of an overdose in the back of the tour van. Throughout 1991, Celebrity Skin continued to play local gigs in support of their album, playing at such clubs as Club Lingerie, Gazzarri’s, and the Roxy in Los Angeles; the Kennel Club in San Francisco; and Bogart’s in Long Beach, with such supporting acts as Tad (band), L7 (band), Helmet (band), Tiny Tim (musician), Green Jello, the Dickies, Theater Carnivale, Ethyl Meatplow, Shonen Knife, Permanent Green Light, the Muffs, and the Ultras.

On August 24, 1991 they played the Splattering of Tribes Festival in the desert outside Indio, California, with such acts as Lead Corpse, the Rails, Liquid Jesus, Sort of Quartet, Pigmy Love Circus, Haunted Garage, the Stains, DC3, Suplex Slam, Porno Sponges, and Dead Corpse. In October 1991, Celebrity Skin did a tour of the United States opening for the glam metal band L.A. Guns. Chuck Mosley from Faith No More traveled with them helping out on the road.

On December 4, 1991 Celebrity Skin played a show at the Shark Club in Hollywood with Pigmy Love Circus and the Saddletramps, 10 days after the death of Queen (band) vocalistFreddie Mercury. The gig would turn out to be their final one, and the next week the band’s breakup due to internal tensions was announced in the LA Weekly.

Despite their enormous popularity in the LA alternative club scene, Celebrity Skin never managed to achieve mainstream success. Their glam, ’70s-influenced look, melodic hooks, and feel-good lyrics set them apart from the then-popular grunge movement, which emphasized stripped-down attire (typically jeans and flannel shirts), heavy and frequently atonal music, and angry lyrics. In addition, because of their glam look and sound, they were frequently lumped in with 80s glam metal bands such as Poison (band) andWarrant despite having little musically in common with these acts.

Following the breakup of Celebrity Skin, the various members moved on to other music-related pursuits. According to AllMusic, guitarist Jason Shapiro formed the band Threeway (still in existence as of late 2011) also currently playing with Redd Kross, and bassist Tim Ferris formed Big Baby, and later reputedly joined the Cramps. Lead singer Gary Jacoby released a second CD as a member of the Death Folk with former Germ Pat Smear, and a solo album under the name of Gary Celebrity, Diary of a Monster, which contained the former Celebrity Skin songs “Fairies To London”, “Golden Boys”, “Gods”, “Hobos”, and “Life’s a Gas”. Drummer Don Bolles was a disc jockey for the Los Angeles radio stationKDLD, where he had a regular and long-running show called The All-Night Truck Driver’s Show and played in the occasional 45 Grave reunion show. In 2006, in answer to the favorable response to the Germs biopic What We Do Is Secret (film), Bolles, guitarist Pat Smear and bassist Lorna Doom reunited the LA hardcore band the Germs with the actor who played deceased singer Darby Crash, Shane West, taking over on vocals. Bolles currently plays with the group Fancy Space People.

In August 2005, Celebrity Skin posted a page on the MySpace web site and as of April 2010 had 962 friends. On October 6, 2007, all five members of Celebrity Skin reunited for the second annual LA Weekly Detour Music Festival in downtown Los Angeles and were enthusiastically received by the crowd; a number of videos of this performance (as well as a few from their heyday) are available on YouTube. As of August 2008 they have posted no information regarding future shows.

Celebrity Skin - S/T EP, 1990

1. S.O.S.

Posted by Request, here you go Thomas

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Welcome To The World Of Lousy Rock'n'Roll Volume 8

01 - WRONG BEACH - Cherry Bomb
02 - PINUPS - Johnny Got His Gun
03 - THE BABOON SHOW - What A Feeling
04 - FIGHTING CAUSE - Dead Town
05 - NEW AMERICAN MOB - Liberty
06 - BLOOD FOR BLOOD - All This And More
07 - NEGATIVE TREND - Black And Red
08 - SYMBOL SIX - Box Of Bones
09 - THE JOHNS - Issues
10 - ALTAR BOYS - Well, O.K.
11 - DEPRESSION - Australia Australia
12 - RADIO BIRDMAN - Burned My Eye
13 - HALF MONOGREL - Police Brutality
14 - NANCY VANDAL - Smart Casual Trousers
15 - ROCKS - Zero
16 - THE CHOSEN FEW - The Joke's On Us
17 - THE KELPIES - Change
18 - RUST - Rock'n'Roll Gunslinger
20 - THE SAINTS - This Perfect Day

60.92 Mb

Tracks 01 - 10 selected and arranged by nekrodad
Tracks 11 - 20 selected and arranged by barkingdog

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The Lillingtons - Death By Television

The Lillingtons (1995–2001, 2006–2008) were a punk rock band from Newcastle, Wyoming. Considered a pop punk act by contemporaries, their sound often draws comparisons from punk pioneers the Ramones.

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THE PRESTON STORY: Volume Two (1999)

Contemporary sounds of Australian (Melbourne actually) Rock 'n' Roll Music from the early days of the legendary Preston Records. All tracks on this compilation recorded 1980 - 1991.

Preston Records was a rockabilly recording studio in Melbourne back in the 80s. The baby of Graeme Thomas, it evolved from recording in his room, to his parents loungeroom, and then onto a small milkbar which was turned into a recording studio.

01 THE WILDCATS - The Worrying Kind
02 THE WILDCATS - Run Cat Run
03 THE WILDCATS - Rock Me Baby
04 THE WILDCATS - Pretty Bad Blues
05 THE WILDCATS - I Get A Longing To Hear Hank Sing The Blues
06 THE ROCKIN' BANDITS - Sweet Sweet Girl
07 THE RENEGADES - My Baby's Gone
08 THE RENEGADES - Rockin', Rollin' Stone
09 THE RENEGADES - They're Learning
10 THE RENEGADES - Somethin' Else
11 THE RENEGADES - We Wanna Boogie
13 THE HOT DOGS - Eager Boy
14 THE HOT DOGS - Brand New Cadillac
15 THE HOT DOGS - Shirley Lee
16 THE HOT DOGS - Nervous Breakdown
17 THE HOT DOGS - The Golden Rocket
18 THE DUCKTAILS - Boogie Bop Dame
19 THE KINGBILLIES - Mean Eyed Cat
22 THE ROADSTERS - All Night Rock
23 THE ROADSTERS - Crazy Arms
24 THE ROADSTERS - Guitar Rock
25 THE ROADSTERS - Dear John
26 THE ROADSTERS - You're Tearing Me Apart

125.89 Mb

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THE PRESTON STORY: Volume One (1999)

Contemporary sounds of Australian (Melbourne actually) Western Swing, Country Boogie and Rockabilly Music from the early days of the legendary Preston Records.

Preston Records was a rockabilly recording studio in Melbourne back in the ’80s. The baby of Graeme Thomas, it evolved from recording in his room, to his parents loungeroom, and then onto a small milkbar which was turned into a recording studio.

02 THE WILDCATS - Big Town
03 THE WILDCATS - If I Had A Woman
04 THE WILDCATS - Rock Bop
05 THE WHOLE SHEBANG - Funnel Of Love
06 THE WHOLE SHEBANG - Another Sunday Morning
07 THE ROADSTERS - Red Blue Jeans
08 THE ROADSTERS - A Girl And A Hot Rod
09 THE ROADSTERS - I'm Burning Up
14 THE STRAIGHT 8's - Raindrops
15 THE STRAIGHT 8's - You Can Do No Wrong
16 THE STRAIGHT 8's - All Night Long
17 THE PRESTON MOUNTAIN BOYS - It's Great To Be Living
19 THE PRESTON MOUNTAIN BOYS - Blue Moon Of Kentucky
20 THE RENEGADES - Jump And Jive
21 THE RENEGADES - Weary Blues
22 THE RENEGADES - Right And Ready
23 TONI AND THE TOMCATS - Rock Boppin' Baby
26 THE HOT DOGS - Rockabilly Hop
27 THE HOT DOGS - Teenager's Mother
28 THE BLACK SLACKS - Blackberry Boogie
29 THE CADILLACS - Lucille

152.81 Mb

Virgin Circus - Comic Opera Kingdom

A two man project of Billy Ledges, and Tony Michaels from California. The first track is a dark minimal synth punk gem. A cover of Hurdy Gurdy Man follows. Then back to minimal synth on What Simon Says. Followed by lots of great synth wave. Check it all out.

This is a great project put together by my old friend Billy Ledges of Mad Parade. Its a dark wave Gothic type album. Fans of Mad Parade should dig it. But I warn you don't assume it's Mad Parade in disguise. Bill is trying something different here.

Cathedral of Tears - S/T EP

This is a very rare EP from 1984. When Jack left TSOL. This is were he went and recorded this one off EP of Dark Wave. If you are looking for punk rock this is not musically in that vain. But more of a Gothic type almost dance album. It's dark brooding and very good. A must for any fan of Jack Grisham.

Major thanks go out to Streetpunx without him this post would not have happened.

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The D.I.'s - Rare Cuts

appropriately enough, Rare Cuts! After the demise of The Gears, vocalist Axxel G. Reese and guitarist drummer Dave Drive resurfaced quickly in The D.I.’s, There they employed a similar (yet slightly more refined) approach. Elements of rockabilly are brought more to the fore; “Taylor Yard Blues,” the kickoff track on Rare Cuts! sounds like Jason and the Scorchers, West Coast Edition. The production of nine of Rare Cuts! tracks is handled by the estimable Billy Zoom (X, The Blasters) who exhibits a keen understanding of the group’s musical direction. (He would. I mean, look at the guy.)
While elements of humor always lurked just below the surface in The Gears’ songs, tracks like “Your Dad’s a Cop” bring the smirking approach to the fore. The D.I.’s slow things down just a bit compared to The Gears, but in doing so they add a certain groove to the music. Except for the punkabilly vocal delivery, “Leave Love to Me” wouldn’t sound out of place on a Junior Brown album. As with The Gears, there’s a surprising and refreshing variety to the songs; the tracks on Rare Cuts! stay far away from the “let’s write the same song over and over” approach of many bands.
Rare Cuts! spans five separate sessions covering the period 1983 to 1990. The four tracks that comprise their 1984 Lock N’ Load EP (the group’s sole official release prior to this compilation) exhibit a buzzsaw guitar attack leavened with nimble lead fills throughout. “Shot Down” from the group’s 1985 sessions for A&M starts off sounding like a punked-up “Last Train to Clarkesville”, and that’s not a bad thing. Those sessions even include a touch of keyboards(!) courtesy of Benmont Tench (Tom Petty & the Herartbreakers) and tight harmony backing vocals. By far the most “professional” sounding tracks on the disc, the A&M session cuts keep the energy while bringing the sort of polish that (one would have hoped) could have brought the D.I. some hard-won commercial success. That was not to be, but this package puts 22 songs together for a fantastic listen. Don’t miss the D.I.’s cover of the Buffalo Springfield hit “Mr. Soul.”
The liner notes included with Rare Cuts! add some needed perspective and context to the music by this relatively-unknown combo. Despite their low profile, the D.I.’s were turning out music every bit as exciting as The Blasters and X, to name two. While the D.I.’s maintained the punk aesthetic, the songs on Rare Cuts! transcend that genre to produce some timeless rock and roll. Packaged together, The Gears’ Rockin’ at Ground Zero and The D.I.’s Rare Cuts are two hours of rock and roll’s true essence.
Enjoy this classic slice of Americana punk rock n roll.

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The Gutter Ghouls - Motor City Murderbilly

The new horrorpunk band from Detroit city.
Branden Gelineau- Slap Bass, Vocals.
Kevin Hardy- Drums, Vocals.
Billy Causey, Guitars

01. Corpse And Bride
02. The Devils Work
03. Murder Suicide
04. Monster Man
05. Ballad O The Big Girl
06. Lock N' Load
07. King Rat
08. Shallow Graves

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New American Mob - Liberty

The original high-energy rock/punk classic! Features the combined vocal/guitar/bass juggernaut performances by Gabe Schiavone, Aaron Meyer, and Henry Trejo. Produced and engineered by Randy Fuelle (Battalion of Saints, Standbys, Crawdaddy's, etc.
), this kick-ass powerhouse collection of 11 tracks was originally released in 1998. Don't be fooled by the bootleggers, this is the original, complete collection of recordings from the band's first studio recordings. Recorded loud to be played loud!

In case you guys don't know. This is the Spent Idols with out that loser Mike Spent. Fucking bad ass punk n roll

New Link:

Germs - GI

(GI) is the only studio album by the American punk rock band the Germs. Often cited as one of the first hardcore punk albums, it was released in the United States in January 1979 through Slash Records with the catalog number SR 103. The album was later released in Italy in 1982 by EXPANDEDMUSIC with the catalog EX 11. The album's title is an acronym for "Germs Incognito", an alternate name the band used to obtain bookings when their early reputation kept them out of Los Angeles-area clubs. After (GI)'s release, the band would only undertake one more recording session, for the soundtrack album to the Al Pacino film Cruising (1980). A year after the release of (GI), vocalist Darby Crash committed suicide on December 7, 1980.

Enjoy some good ole punk friends. Ripped @ 320 from the original lp.

PinUps - S/T (Tony Relfex, Rikk Agnew)

Pinups album by Pin-Ups was released Jun 15, 1993 on the Triple X label. PINUPS features Tony Adolescent and Rick Agnew of the original Adolescents playing covers of songs by punk-rock bands such as The Clash, The Damned, The Sex Pistols, Gen-X, The Ramones and The Buzzcocks. Pinups CD music Four-fifths of the Adolescents reunite to record an early punk covers' LP, stealing the title from David Bowie's far better (and more interesting) 1974 all-covers LP of his '60s faves. Pinups music CDs While this LP isn't any great shakes, one must credit the players for a couple of eye-opening choices, including a few old, out-of-print, terrific early collectors' records. Pinups songs Covering Generation X's "Your Generation," Iggy & the Stooges' "Search and Destroy," Dead Boys' "Sonic Reducer," the Clash's "White Riot," the Ramones' "Blitzkrieg Bop" and even the Sex Pistols' B-side "I Wanna Be Me" are all far too obvious choices, and can't dent the originals' greatness in the least. Pinups album Ditto to a lesser extent the almost as well-known "Harmony in My Head" by Buzzcocks and the Damned's Music for Pleasure single "Stretcher Case," and why does anyone still fondly recall Lurkers ("God's Lonely Men")? OK as they were, they're outclassed in this lineup. No, this LP's value is reminding us how much we miss punk's lesser-knowns. We're talking West Coast originals such as F Word's "Do the Nihil," the Avengers' Dangerhouse classic "We Are the One," No Alternative's SF Underground 7" killer "Johnny Got His Gun" (the only early-'80s track here, which is actually the Adolescents' era); or Toronto's Viletones' obscuro "Screaming Fist"; or Manchester, England's Slaughter & the Dogs' "The Bitch" (great B-side of "Cranked Up Really High"). It's nice to hear these songs dragged out of closets and dusted off by real fans. Now, Germany's Die Toten Hosen did this same concept way better the previous year (DTH sounded like they actually were well-rehearsed -- and they somehow got all the original singers to join them on backing vocals!), and some of the more obvious covers such as "White Riot" sound pretty sloppy and paint-by-numbers. And I swear Tony Montana (or Tony Cadena, ten years ago) sang better in the past, and Frank and Rikk Agnew don't seem like they put much thought into interpreting their guitar parts; they all could have done so much more. But for both educational and fun value, this is OK, a temporal, fleeting amusement. ~ Jack Rabid Recorded at Jet City Studios, El Segundo, California. Includes liner notes by Tony Montana. Pinups: Tony Montana (vocals), Rikk Agnew, Frank Agnew (guitar), Johnny Two Bags (guitar, background vocals), Warner Young (bass), Bruce Duff (bass, background vocals), Rik L. Rik, Steve Soto, Dave Nazworthy (background vocals). Engineers: Bill Krodel, Screaming Lord Duff. Personnel: Tony Montana (vocals); Johnnie Two Bags, Rikk Agnew (guitar, background vocals); Frank Agnew (guitar); Dave Nazworthy, Steve Sots, Rik L Rik, Steve Soto, Bruce Duff (background vocals). Audio Mixer: Bruce Duff. Liner Note Author: Tony Montana. Recording information: Jet City Studios, El Segundo, C and C Beach (05/1994-09/1994); WBR, El Segundo, CA (05/1994-09/1994). Director: Bill Krodel.

Classic stuff friends from my Amazon bought Mp3 album. If anyone wants wav. Get in touch I have the CD as well.

T.S.O.L. - Live From Long Beach

Here is T.S.O.L. farewell show. Recorded live in Long Beach, Ca. A few years back. I just re bought it tonight and thought I would share. I have a few more T.S.O.L. post planned including a unreleased album that I worked on with them in 1984. So stay tuned folks for some good post by this legendary band.

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Sister Goddamn ‎– Folksongs Of The Spanish Inquisition

Tony Reflex of the Adolescents and The Adz, PinUps, Flower Leperds, etc you get the idea. Some punk trash and roll. In the Jeff Dahl and Lazy Cowgirls vain. Ripped at 320kbs from MY CD. Enjoy

Agent Orange - Bitchin" Summer Ep

Here is a awesome lil ep Agent Orange never wanted out. But I'm glad Posh Boy released it.

Agent Orange - Bitchin' Summer EP

APipeline (Extended Version)
B3Mr. Moto

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Zoinks - Panorama Ep (1997)

Hello friends tonights submission is a lil ep giving to me by Bill Strange at Dr. Strange records. I had just bought a Germs bootleg and he tossed this in. The Germs is another post friend. Lol. Anyway what we have here is some nice fast catchy poppy punk. In the Screeching Weasel Vain. Pretty good lil ep if you ask me. I totally slept on these guys. Glad I found out about them now download and enjoy friends.

Zoinks! - Panorama EP

1. Chest Pain
2. Pedestal
3. Bridge Over Brautigan
4. Ugly Side
5. Snow shine

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Monster Jam , Tucson Az, Mar 10 2013

Hello friends hope you all have been enjoying the So Cal punk rock uploads I been doing this week.

Enjoy why you can friends cause you know me. I can just stop tomorrow for months. Lol

Well anyway today I took the lil woman and son to Monster Jam. We had a fucking good time. This is something I have never done in my life friends. And it was fucking fun.

Anyway hope you all enjoy what I been posting and thanks for the comments from the one guy who left em.

Negative Trend - November 1978 (Posh Boy Ep, 2011)

Negative Trend - November 1978
1. Black And Red
2. Meat House
3. I Got Power
4. Mercenaries
5. Atomic Lawn
6. I Got Power (Alternative Version)
7. Mercenaries (Tooth and Nail Mix)

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Symbol Six - The Posh Boy Sessions (2011)

This Malibu group never reached their full potential, sadly never releasing an album's worth of material. Their songwriting was on par with the best of the O.C. groups. Singer Eric (Ric) Leach remembers : "We played close to 50 shows with some very established bands: Social D, 45 Grave, China White, Redd Cross, TSOL, Bad Religion, Channel 3 .... Lee Ving once said we were one of his favorite bands ... "
During the late 80's, Posh Boy included their material as a bonus on Agent Orange's Living In Darkness CD. The one outtake from their recording session(s) was Box of Bones which was included on PBS 120 The Future Looks Brighter LP.

Symbol Six - The Posh Boy Sessions (2011) EP 

1. Ego
2. Symbol Six
3. Taxation
4. Beverlywood
5. Box Of Bones

The Lords of The New Church - The Gospel Truth

CD One: Studio Rarities 1987-88  Re Mastered 
Making time **
Bang bang baby maybe
Real bad time
Things go bump
Walking the dog**
Dance with me Version II **
Gun called justice (French radio session) 4:16 intvw
My Alibi (demo)
Never be another one (demo)
Wine women & song (demo)
New Victorians (Real Bad time) (demo)
Loyal to the Queen (demo)
Religion (Gun called justice) (demo)
Lords Prayer demo   (demo)
Stiv Bator: Vocals. Brian James: Gtr.  Grant Flemming: Bass. Nick Turner: Drums Mark Taylor: Kybds ** Alistair Symmons : Gtr
CD Two:  The Agora Cleveland 6.10.1982
Completely unreleased live radio show on Stiv Bator’s home turf, from the first tour of America in support of the first album
New Church
Question of Temperature
Girls girls girls
Livin on Livin
Eat your heart out
Russian roulette
Fortune teller
Open your eyes
Lil boys play with dolls
Holy war
Stiv Bator: Vocals. Brian James: Gtr.  Dave Tregunna: Bass. Nick Turner: Drums 
CD Three: Lyon 12.6.88
Question of Temperature
Pretty baby scream
Russian roulette
Making Time
Livin’ on livin’
Happy Birthday
Gun Called Justice
Dance with me
For your Love
Black girl White girl
The lords prayer
New Church
Things go Bump
Stiv Bator: Vocals. Brian James: Gtr.  Dave Tregunna: Bass. Danny Fury : Drums

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D.I. - United We Slam (2012)

Wow D.I. have returned. And holy shit balls is it amazing. This little EP picks up where Ancient Artifacts and Horse Bites ended.

This is what I have been waiting for Casey and Co. To put out for years.

D.I. - United We Slam

1. Surf Punks In The U.S.A.
2. World At War
3. Hypochristian
4. Volatile

Thanx to Streetpunx

Wrong Beach - Last Ride (Rikk Agnew)(2012)

O.C. Punk Rock Legend Returns With An All New Cover Album!!!
This a direct upload from my mp3 album which I did buy. So please after you listen to it. Go buy the CD, the Merch, etc.
1. Rumble
2. Cherry Bomb
3. Child For One
4. Prolixin Stomp
5. Dark Robot
6. Pipe dreams
7. Art School
8. We Don't Give
9. Annette's Got The Hits
10. Gidget Goes To Hell

Friday, March 8, 2013

The Weirdos - Condor

Ripped direct from my CD @ 256kbs, This is a classic release by this amazing band. Enjoy friends

Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Slaves - S/T, 1990 CD (RIK L. RIK)

This album I am posting up tonight is a very obscure and rare album by the mighty Rik L. Rik. For those of you that have never heard him. this is a great place to start. For those familiar with him. This is a must have for your collection . This was a short lived band Rik did in 1989-1990.

Rik was the first L.A. Punk to release a album with his band F Word. and from there forward we know the story. Sadly Rik died in 2000 of brain cancer . This is the full Slaves album ripped from my cd @ 320kbs. Its time to share this. People need to hear the original LA punk rocker in his glory.

The Slaves - S/T 1990

01 Sleeping With Suzanne
02 Transmission
03 The Absent Wife
04 Poverty Of Love
05 Dominique
06 Soul Power
07 Song For Nico
08 Corral Gables
09 Look Into September
10 Last Song

Friday, March 1, 2013

Welcome To The World Of Lousy Rock'n'Roll Volume 7

02 - STRICKLAND - All The Kings Horses
03 - THE BONES - Bones City Rollers
04 - PISSED JEANS - Cathouse
05 - MADBALL - The Beast
06 - HATEBREED - Put It To The Torch
08 - CAVALCADE - Young Lovers Old Livers
10 - GRIP INC. - Dragging Me Down
11 - RIKK AGNEW'S YARDSALE - Another Day In Paradise
12 - SECRETIONS - Freaks Like Us
13 - THE CONSUMERS - Dream Hits
14 - KEPI GHOULIE - Spell Caster
15 - MAD PARADE - Animal Riot
16 - REDD KROSS - Cover Band
18 - RED LETTER DAY - 23/23
19 - NECROS - Sex Drive
20 - PUBLIC TOYS - Sorry

128k - 160k
59.77 Mb

Tracks 01 - 10 selected and arranged by barkingdog
Tracks 11 - 20 selected and arranged by nekrodad