Friday, May 31, 2013

The American Ruse - Hard Junk Meat

First USA CD.

The American Ruse [1990] Hard Junk Meat (US Edition)

01 Keep On Lyin'
02 High Time
03 Hard Junk Meat
04 Be My Baby
05 EMF
06 Excellent
07 Paint It Red
08 Ain't Nothin' To Do
09 No-One
10 Shakedown
11 History Repeat
12 All I Know
13 Real Live Wire
14 Hurt
15 I Gotta Try
16 Cryin' Shame
17 Lone Star Queen
18 Fools (Motor City)
19 I Need You
20 Death By The Gun
21 This Neighborhood
22 H.B
23 Bad Rep.
24 Distance
25 I Need You (7" Version)

133.92 Mb

Tracks 01 - 12 are from the 1990 UK release of Hard Junk Meat
Tracks 13 - 24 are from the 1989 UK release of Death By The Gun
Track 25 is from the 1989 UK Single

This album is missing the track "Blue Murder" from the original 1989 UK Version of Death By The Gun, anyone have this hard to get album and willing to share?

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The American Ruse - Break It Down

Absolutely amazing Punk Rock N Roll Music From The UK. Think Jeff Dahl, Johnny T., Dead Boys etc.

The American Ruse [1992] Break It Down

01 Charles Jaco
02 Johnny And Suzie
03 Who Are The Mystery Girls?
04 White Flag To The Sun
05 Hot Rod Party
06 Ratfink Spiderboo
07 Backslide In
08 Dollar Bucket
09 Catch Your Fall
10 Always Been A Dance Element
11 Someone Like You
12 Whatever Happened To Fun?

Bonus Tracks

13 Another Girl Another Planet
14 Keep On Lyin' (Pygmy Mix)
15 Ain't Got Nothin'
16 Chatterbox
17 E.M.F. (Original)
18 I Don't Wanna
19 Pipeline
20 One Track Mind
21 Loose
22 Shakedown '89
23 Excellent (Loaded Mix)

113.21 Mb

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Monday, May 20, 2013

A Short Note From The Dog #1

Dont be afraid to download something/someone you've never heard of, that's the beauty of the internet, you might find a new favourite, if not, that's why God gave us delete buttons.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

The Dog's Picks Of 2013 Volume 04

01 - SIR REG - At The End Of The World
02 - SON VOLT - Bakersfield
03 - UNION DUKE - Follow Me
04 - THE GRAPE & THE GRAIN - Devils
05 - THE BLUEFIELDS - Suicide Doors
06 - MUDHONEY - The Final Course
07 - SKUNK ANANSIE - This Is Not A Game
08 - SUEDE - Snowblind
09 - THE REPLACEMENTS - Radio Hook Word Hit
10 - MURDERS IN THE ZOO - You Are Not Welcome
11 - THE SILVER SHINE - Faded Newspapers
12 - THE BRAINS - Cucaracha In Leather
13 - THE GUTTER GHOULS - Lock n' Load
14 - SNOW WHITE'S POISON BITE - The Gruesome Gory Horror Show
15 - BAD RELIGION - Dharma And The Bomb
18 - THE SHARKS - Girls Girls Girls
19 - THE UNCLEAN - Nothing Left To Say
21 - SPEEDJACKERS - Positions
22 - VIETCONG PORNSÜRFERS - Just Another Crime
23 - DEAD REMEDY - Lordy
24 - ONE GUN SHY - I'll Still Know
25 - SUPERMACHINE - Crutch
26 - WAR & PEACE - What I Hide Behind
27 - STONE SOUR - Stalemate
28 - QUEENSRYCHE - Slave
30 - DETROIT VOODOO - On The Outside

128k - 160k
120.53 Mb

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Nuns - Rumania

In 1986, after several years of inactivity, Miro, Olener, and Raphael reformed The Nuns. The Nuns during this period tilted more towards Miro's new wave-influenced rock sound as Olener's previous writing partner had departed. In 1986, they released their second album Rumania, though its release on the soon-bankrupted PVC Records, an imprint of Jem Records, meant that the album received very little exposure. By 1989, they added a new bassist/cellist, a young Marin County musician Delphine Volino (aka Delphine Neid), and returned to Los Angeles to record Desperate Children for the Posh Boy label, with a distracted Brett Gurewitz at the helm. Volino died of a drug overdose soon after the album was recorded. A fourth album, 4 Days In A Motel Room: Their Greatest Sins, was released in 1994, with half the album being a re-release of older material, and the other half consisting of newly-recorded material. Miro and Baron Rubenbauer recorded the track Sex Dream under The Nuns moniker without Olener that same year for the Live 105 compilation album, issuing it as a self-released single several years later.

The Nuns were inactive for much of the 1990s, though Miro contributed to several of Narada Michael Walden's recordings during this time.


1] New York City
2] It's A Dream
3] Romania
4] Angeles Domini
5] Black & White
6] We Are The Damned
7] My Religion
8] Iron Claw
9] I, Monster
10] Walk Through The Mirror

This post is dedicated to my friend "Joe NUN G." Without him I wouldn't have the stuff by the band I have today.

The Undead - Dawn Of The Undead

This is a great collection of the Undead's  recorded output. Features all the singles and Act Your Rage and some unreleased demos.
Enjoy my friends. More Undead to come.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Times Square - Learn It

This is a great mini album here. Great songs good recording and mix. Wish the band would have carried on. Features Bobby Steele of the Undead and Dave Ari of the Devil Dogs. And boxing legend Jill Matthews, Bobby's wife.

1. Learn It
2. Devil in Disguise
3. Take Me Back
4. Ain't Gonna Try
5. Don't Waste Time
6. 42nd Street
7. Headshrinker
8. What a Guy

The Undead/ Times Square - Split EP

Oh Ya FUCKING fantastic ep here!!!! Enjoy.

The Undead - The Invisible Man, 7"

Another great single by the Undead.

AThe Invisible Man
Written-By – Steele*
Written-By – Cooper*, Dunaway*, Buxton*, Bruce*, Smith*

The Undead - Never Say Die! , 7"

One of my personal favorite Undead singles. If anyone has a rip or can upload the Mini LP Never Say Die! Please do so for me.

ANever Say Die
BIn Eighty Four
Saxophone – Bob Allecca

Monday, May 13, 2013

Help Wanted

Hello friends of the blog. I am desperately looking for this release Walter Lure - Live In Berlin. Walter is half of the legendary Heartbreakers from NYC. If anyone can upload this for me it would be mighty kind.

Thanks .

Sunday, May 12, 2013

The Dog's Picks Of 2013 Volume 03: Aussie Music

01 - WIL WAGNER - Eviction Notices
02 - KIM SALMON & SPENCER P. JONES - Scorched Earth Pearl
03 - THE BLACKWATER FEVER - Don't Fuck With Joe
04 - THE FLATTRAKKERS - I Can't Sleep
05 - STANDARD UNION - Born For Hangin'
06 - MARCHING ORDERS - Dog Eat Dog
07 - EAGER 13 - Tight Rope
08 - CAVALCADE - Young Lovers Old Livers
09 - STRICKLAND - All The Kings Horses
10 - TRACER - Manic For Ya
12 - SILVER GRENADE - Will The Peace Remain
14 - SHADOWQUEEN - Wake Up
15 - THE DEEP END - Knife Fight
16 - NEW JACK RUBYS - Cardini
17 - VIGILANTE - Fear Of Change
18 - DEEZ NUTS - Band Of Brothers
19 - AS TIDE BREAKS - Aim For The Bushes
20 - ONE VITAL WORD - Picture Perfect
21 - SIERRA - Restitution
22 - VICES - Spark
23 - NORTHLANE - Masquerade
24 - THE STRATAGEM - Interlude
25 - ETERNAL REST - Last Gate
26 - ORPHEUS OMEGA - The Abhorrent
27 - LORD - The Chalkboard Prophet
28 - RELENTLESS - World I Despise
29 - BLACKENED ANGEL - The Blackened Angel
30 - METREYA - Rage Fire Fury

128k - 160k
126.64 Mb

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Castoff - The Dividing Line

Some pretty cool what I would call skate punk. This album is offered as a free download by the band. These guys kick some serious ass.

01. The Vast War Complex   
02. Propped Up   
03. Long Way Home   
04. The Narrow Path to Redemption   
05. Catharsis   
06. Past is Past   
07. Revision   
08. Infiltrate   
09. Make It End
10. Solid Pledge

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Death Riders, The ‎– Soundtrack For Depression

This is one of my favorite albums that has graced my ears in the past few years. I have had this in some form or another since its release but never owning the actual cd. Hint if anyone has one they want to sell. Email me.

Dark twisted Horror Rock from L.A. CA. I would like to thank Streetpunx for providing this digital copy to me. You are ace in my book bro.

1God Hates The Dirty Ones
4I'm A No One
5Death In The Valley
6No Mercy
7Mexican Radio
9Turning Blue
10Dead Garden

Warning this is not a punk or metal or psycho album. It is a Horror Rock album. And a damn good one.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Zack Zack - Wir Haben Zeit

From the ashes of THE SHOCKS rises ZACK ZACK with their debut 11 song LP. Not familiar with THE SHOCKS? Shame on you. THE SHOCKS were the best band from Germany of the last decade with their BRIEFS meets THE KIDS ’77 punk rock perfection. ZACK ZACK is made up of 2 of the 3 SHOCKS members and continues where THE SHOCKS left off with their patented quirky-jerky jolts mixed with German/English lyrics but they now sweeten the hooks up with a bit of power pop to give you a near perfect LP of PogoPowerPopPunk (is that a new genre?)……LP comes with a fold over 2 sided-reversible LP jacket.

1Was Ist Dein Bio-Arsch Wert
5Chemische Reaktion
6Yes Sir
8(What The) Economy (Is For)
10Rasierter Affe
11Social Endproduct

Sunday, May 5, 2013

The Death Party Present - Songs Of The Working Man (2nd Edition)

Hello friends about a year or so ago I under took a project to make a semi legit online comp. And have it for free downloads. Well this is the final product and it was very well received a year ago.

Since it was only available for 3 months it came and went. I got tons of emails stating they loved it. And a few saying it sucked.

This is a honest to goodness working class comp. On the cover is a good friend Mr. Edwin Bear. I took this photo at work one night and had Braking Dog fix it up for me, Thanks Doggie.

Mr Edwin was a hard working man . Worked his whole life. He flew 68 high profile combat missions in Vietnam. Came home a messed up but a better man. Traveled the world and did it all.

During our friendship he told me many stories of his life all were very interesting. Edwin was very proud to be on the cover of this comp. Sadly to say my friend died a few months back. And I am re releasing this comp for FREE downloads again in his honour

Thank you Edwin Bear for being my real friend and telling me all your awesome stories.

Your Friend,
Scott Nekro Vincent

This comp features Superyob, Total Chaos, Sham 69, Penny wise, etc 22 freaking working class hits for you to enjoy.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

The Undead - First, Worst And Cursed (Sid Terror)

This is not Bobby Steele's Undead. This is the original Undead from SF CA. Featuring horror punk legend Sid Terror. I don't know the whole story cause both sides argue it out. But this Undead started around 77. The NYC Undead was around 1981. So you do the math. Anyway both bands are great and both deserve to be heard.

1Breakfast Cereal Deviant1:46
2Supermarket Music1:55
4We're All Scum2:34
5I Was A Teenage Vampire1:37
6Full Moon2:33
7Pay Television2:56
8The Pepsi Generation2:02
9Metro Cop2:34
10Cyborg 172:01
11Hell On Wheels3:12
12More Beer2:352
13Earth Dies Screaming2:22
14Kill Me Please1:45
15The Undead Anthem2:56
16Mad Jack4:34

Friday, May 3, 2013

Fang - Landshark

Fang is an American hardcore punk band, formed in Berkeley, California in 1980. The group was originally part of the punk rock scene in Berkeley, California in the 1980s. Fang initially broke up in 1989 when vocalist Sam McBride was sent to prison for killing his girlfriend, Dixie Lee Carney. Upon his release, in 1995, McBride changed his name to Sammytown and reformed Fang.

This one is a classic kids. This rip is from the reissue CD. Enjoy

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Damnation - The Unholy Sounds Of Damnation

California's Damnation unleashed more of their gritty, fast-paced punk rock on their fourth full-length in late 2002. The 11 songs are completed in 19 furious minutes, starting with the irreverent "Fuel Injected Priest" and the chaotic "Garbage Truck." Vocalist Shaun Kama again leads the way with his take-no-prisoners approach, while guitarist Tod Surridge, bassist Al G, and drummer Robert Shawn back him with frantic, unfettered instrumentation. Often compared to the Misfits, the disc continues with "Spell on Me," a catchy, sped-up rocker, like much of the disc. Keeping listeners on their toes, the band also offers up a parody of the Mamas & the Papas' "California Dreamin'" on the fiery "California Demons." "Blood Junkies" tackles the theme of vampirism, and "Formaldehyde" embraces California's pop-punk sound. The Unholy Sound of Damnation was produced by Blag of the Dwarves and was released by Rock and Fucking Roll Records in November 2002

A1Fuel Insect Priest
A2Garbage Truck
A3Spell On Me
A4Gone Rogue
A5What Doesn't Kill
A6California Demons
B3Shut The Hell Up
B6Eating Our Enemies (Live)
B7Killing (Subhumanz Cover) (Live)

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Mentors - Trash Bag EP

The Mentors are an American heavy metal band noted for its deliberately sexist shock rock lyrics.

They formed in 1977 in Seattle, Washington and relocated to Los Angeles, California in 1979, where their irreverent attitude aligned them with the city's punk rock scene. Their music has developed stylistically over the years from garage metal to hardcore punk to experimental thrash metal. They bill themselves as the inventors of "rape rock," essentially an early, 1970s-style heavy metal and punk rock fusion with extremely chauvinistic and perverse lyrics about degrading women.

Although they garnered attention both from noted hard rock acts and pro-censorship movements such as the PMRC, the high-profile death of drummer and lead singer Eldon Hoke ("El Duce") in 1997 brought them unprecedented attention. They remain active with a retooled lineup.

1."Going Through Your Purse"  3:37
2."Get Up and Die"  3:49
3."Peepin' Tom"  3:30
4."Woman from Sodom"  5:01