Monday, August 26, 2013

The Grabbers - The Way I Am

O.C. Punk legends first album and a classic. Members went on to the Hunns , The Pushers, Manic Hispanic and The Johns.

1Kodac Moment2:56
2The Days Of Wine And Roses2:42
5Sick Of You2:01
6One Hundred And Eighty Dollars2:10
8Perfect Picture2:48
9Think Again2:51
10It Grows1:50
11Violence And Poverty2:59
13So It Seems

The Pushers - Turning Blue

Feat. Members of Duane Peters and The Hunns, The Grabbers and Manic Hispanic. Great fucking album Produced by punk legend Duane Peters.

1Space Monkeys
4Mini Street
5Junkie's Son
74 Years Later
8Caught With The Meat In Your Mouth9Little Hood
10Tube Sock Love
13Welfare Girl
14Got Paid
15Turning Blue

Sunday, August 25, 2013

The Dog's Picks Of 2013 Volume 07

01 - GOLDEN GUNN - Let Me Shine (Deathhouse)
02 - EDDIE SPAGHETTI - The Value Of Nothing
03 - I SEE HAWKS IN L.A. - The Beauty Of The Better States
05 - THE DOCS - Feelin' On The Rise
06 - ELVIS DELUXE - Dark Lovers
07 - SWITCHBLADE JESUS - Bastard Son
08 - DRIVIN' N' CRYIN' - In The Sound Room
09 - LEOGUN - Every Time I Lose
10 - ELECTRIC RUIN - Halberd
11 - THE LAGAN - Same Shite Different Night
12 - FIDDLER'S GREEN - Don't Look Back
13 - THE FATTY FARMERS - My Childhood Dreams
14 - THE BLACK TARTAN CLAN - Don't Walk Alone
15 - WILDMEN - Rising Up Again
16 - SATURDAY'S HEROES - Tear It Down
17 - THE DOGS D'AMOUR - Livin' On
18 - THE COMPUTERS - Bring Me The Head Of A Hipster
19 - STOLEX - Can't Leave You Behind
20 - DOWN & DIRTY - Liquid Romance
21 - BLACK WATER RISING - The Allure Of Self Destruction
22 - WHITE COAST REBELS - Lock Up Your Daughters
23 - HEART ATTACK - Face The Music
26 - NERVE - Lenny Nero
27 - PRIMAL ATTACK - Despise You All
28 - SPANKING HOUR - Personal War
29 - CHIMAIRA - Crown Of Phantoms
30 - FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH - I.M.Sin (feat. Max Cavalera)

133.85 Mb

Friday, August 16, 2013

Brian James - Damned If I Do

Ok blog friends what we have here is a new album of re recordings by Damned founder Mr. Brian James.

I have been thinking about posting this since I bought it a few days back. Personally I found it muddy and sloppy and also awesome and great. Brian can rarely do wrong. (Reforming the Lords was wrong)

And these are his songs. I read someplace that he didn't want to do it but the label was bugging him to death.

I have also read lots of praise of the album and a lot of negative reviews too. So I post this for a ltd time. So that way you can make up your mind.

If you like it seek James CD out. If not delete the file and forget you ever heard it.

1. New Rose 
2. Born to Kill 
3. You take my money 
4. Feel the Pain
5. Sick of being Sick
6. Alone 
7. I fall 
8. Fan club 
9. Neat Neat Neat

Thursday, August 15, 2013

No Dice - Heaven Sent Hell Bent

Although not it own genre yet “NITRO BURNING ROCK-N-ROLL” is what best describes the music of this four piece band from Southern California. Formed early in 2006, these boys are driven by each of there own roots music.

1Booze Broads & Hot Rods
3Big Cold World
4Running Red Hot
5Just Past Midnight
6Drunk Again
7Heaven Sent Hell Bent
8Hot Rod Bar
9Need a Fix
10Things & Go.

Easter - S/T

EASTER: Easter

1 - Manhattan Boy
2 - Pictures
3 - Lights Out
4 - Sidewalk Girl
5 - Little Boy
6 - Life Goes On
7 - Steady Rockers
8 - Slippin Away
9 - Latest Flame
10 - No Violence
11 - Manhattan Boy (Single Mix)
12 - Manhattan Boy (Extended Mix)
13 - Steady Rockers (Single)
14 - Manhattan Boy (Back Door Mix)

Featuring members of the punk scene starting a new sound it is easter with Danny Dean on Guitar Chad Carrier on Bass and Korky on drums.

Blazing guitars, backbeats and catchy, riffing rock 'n' roll make the California sound of Easter a hit with the hip. This South Bay outfit is riding out of clubs of Hollywood on to T.V. screens of America with their MTV video hit "Lights Out" and "Manhattan Boy"

The 12" single, "Manhattan Boy" was a West Coast rock radio favorite and on the college charts nationwide in 1988.

Easter toured steadily for seven years touring both coasts several times in those four years. The band toured in support of Concrete Blonde and played shows with The Specials, LA Guns, Wall of Voodoo, The Untouchables, Dramarama and Sparks to name a few. You can still catch them once and a while at there reunion shows.

Monday, August 12, 2013

The Grabbers - Hand Your Dealt

Old school O.C. Punk Rock done right. Feat. Future members of the The Hunns and The Pushers and The Johns. Classic sound with a hint of rumor.

A3Bean Bag
A4Hand You're Dealt
A5Cum Drunk
A6How Long You Wanna Live?
B3Shut Up
B4Bolt-On Bliss
B5Never Met A Girl
B6First Date

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Lee Harvey Oswald Band - S/T EP

Lee Harvey Oswald Band is a mysterious side-project of Rick Sims' (Didjits, Supersuckers, Gaza Strippers). They delivered full throttle noise punk, with distorted vocals. They released an EP and two albums between 1989 and 1996, and besides that almost nothing is known of them.


A1 Steam Roller Doggie
A2 Getting Wasted With The Vampires
A3 Boss Hoss
Written-By – Sonics, The
B1 Lightning Strikes
B2 Mad Dog (Live - Germany 89)
B3 When The Satans Come Marching In

Lee Harvey Oswald Band - A Taste Of Prison

The Second Release, This is a rip of the CD version which has has the bands debut EP on it.


1Theme Fenderblast
3Jesus Never Lived On Mars
4Mamma's All Right
5Amen, Man
Written-By – G. Goffin / C. King*
7The Bowels Of Rock And Roll
8Junior's Farm
Written-By – P. McCartney*
9Getting It On/Off
10Roadside Full Of Tammy
11Van Gogh And The Chemical Haze
12Steam Roller Dogie
13Getting Wasted With The Vampires
14Boss Hoss
15Lightning Strikes
16Mad Dog (Live - Germany '89)
17When The Satans Come Marching In

Lee Harvey Oswald Band - Blastronaut

The 3rd release by this legendary great band. My personal favorite out of the 3.

The Greatest Man Who Ever Walked The Face Of The Earth1:02
Surrender Earthlings3:42
Rocket 693:29
Easy Amplification3:22
Panic In Hanoi3:53
Green Like The Color Of Blood3:08
You Talk Sunshine... I Breathe Fire2:42
The Scorpio Letter3:16
Madeline Loves The Leeches

Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Dog's Picks Of 2013 Volume 06

01 - BARNYARD STOMPERS - Falling Down
02 - RECKLESS ONES - Desert Rose
03 - THE COOPER BROTHERS - What I Leave Behind
04 - LUCERO - Texas & Tennessee
05 - DANNY & THE WONDERBRAS - Lonesome Road
07 - DIXIE DESPERADOS - Clint Eastwood
08 - OLD 97's & WAYLON JENNINGS - Iron Road
09 - STONER TRAIN - Laying Dead
10 - THE KINGS OF OUTER SPACE - Daggertrap
12 - THE CAUGHT FLIES - Whiskey Brave
13 - SPELLBOUND - Blood On Your Hands
14 - THE MULLET MONSTER MAFIA - Surfthrashlenha !!!
15 - VOODOO ALLEN - Metálmánia
16 - SNAKEBITE - So What
17 - THE DUCKY BOYS - Enough Of My Time
18 - ARGYLE GOOLSBY - Washer At The Ford
19 - BLOODLIGHTS - Sure Shot
20 - GLASS HEROES - Across The Wrist
21 - RAMPIRES - Let It Out
22 - MICHALE GRAVES - Forbidden Planet (feat. Chris Motionless)
23 - FRANCINE - Time To Go
24 - FILTER - What Do You Say
25 - UNCLE JUNKIE - Mr Badass
26 - WILSON - Susan Jane
27 - HARDCORE SUPERSTAR - Are You Gonna Cry Now?
29 - AMON AMARTH - Deceiver Of The Gods
30 - THE WALKING DEAD ORCHESTRA - Slaughtering The Weakest

128k - 160k
114.01 Mb

The 222s - She Wants Revenge

The 222s were among Canada’s earliest punk rock bands, releasing the very first DIY indie single to come out of their hometown Montreal back in 1978, the now highly collectible 'The First Studio Bomb b/w I Love Susan' on Rebel Records. They were certainly the first legitimate Quebecois punk band, all members, with the exception of singer Chris Barry, being French-Canadian, with French being the working language of the primarily unilingual group. When the 222s first started up in the spring of 1977 there were no venues in Montreal that would even consider booking them, so early on their gigs were primarily underground affairs, usually taking place in artist’s lofts or industrial spaces that had long been abandoned. For the style- conscious 222s, who most certainly lived the life they sung about, just walking up the street to get to one of these gigs could be a perilous affair, if only because their clothing, considered offensive to far too many people, was often enough to incite violence among the punk-hating music fans of the day. Over the course of their carrer, the 222s toured Canada as extensively, as any band could (Girlschool, the Stranglers, the Professionals and others), and even in the USA where they toured with the Nuclear Accidents and ventured off to play at the famous Max`s Kansas City in New York City on several occasions. The band split up in 1981 but reformed in 2012, so keep your eyes open, the kids are back in town!!!! In the meantime, grab this AMAZING all studio Lp!!!! Absolutely 'a must' for every true punk fan!

Track List:

A2Hold Up
A3Always Around
A4She Wants Revenge
A5Fun, Fun, Fun
A6Academic Drop
B1First To Third Round
B2A Poupee Qui Fait Non
B3Come To Me Cold
B5First Studio Bomb
B6Something New
B7Dumb Girl

Friday, August 2, 2013

Rikk Agnew - All By Myself (2013 Burger Tape Rip)

Well what we have here is Rikk Agnew's first solo effort. This is ripped from the brand new ltd ed cassette that Burger Records just released. They are sold out at this time and it was only a ltd run of 300. The reason for this post is to let fans at least hear it. I believe they use the same master that was used for the most recent CD pressing. I have some photos of the tape and inlay card which I will post at a later time due to the fact I seem to have misplaced them.


300 cassettes pressed and numbered!


1. O.C. Life
2. 10
3. Yur 2 Late
4. Everyday
5. One Shot

6. Falling Out
7. Surfside
8. It's Doing Something
9. Fast
10. Section 8

*Special thanks to Jackem Joe for the tape rip in super H.Q. you are my diamond in the ruff Sir.

**Note: Tape is ripped in a Side 1, Side 2 fashion. And has not been edited into separate tracks to preserve the quality of the over all production. I wanted to keep it as close to the tape as possible.