Saturday, October 26, 2013

The Dog's Picks Of 2013 Volume 11: Aussie Music

01 - RUSTY PINTO - Left For Dead
02 - FOX n FIRKIN - Depression Holiday
03 - PADDY McHUGH & THE GOLDMINERS - John Kanaka Blues
05 - HUCSTER - 32/20
06 - ANDREW STOCKDALE - Long Way To Go
07 - THE DELTA RIGGS - Rah Rah Radio
08 - ASH GRUNWALD - The Last Stand
09 - KINGS OF THE SUN - Hearts Ablaze
10 - SICK PUPPIES - Gunfight
11 - AIRBOURNE - Black Dog Barking
12 - RAISE THE CRAZY - Bitch Be Cool
13 - NEVSKY PROSPEKT - Ordinary Decent Cannibal
15 - MASSIVE - One By One
16 - SLICK 46 - Don't Care
17 - BLOODY HAMMER - Fire In My Eyes
18 - THE OTHERS - Parasite
19 - TUMBLEWEED - Dirty Little Secret
20 - CHICO SEEDS - I Get Up
21 - ARROWHEAD - Mayflower
22 - TROLLGASM - The Goblin Song
23 - BOUND SOUTH - Hell's Comin' For You
24 - BURIED IN VERONA - Take Me Away
25 - SAVIOUR - Mercenary
26 - BARBARIÖN - Ram The World
27 - PYROMESH - My Enigma
28 - SEPTERRUS - Nothing Of Value
29 - ALKIRA - The Night Mare
30 - ASURA - Ruins

128k - 160k
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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Ex Idols - Social Kill

Consider the words of Gary Finneran. Start with one of the better songs on the debut CD by Finneran's band, Ex-Idols. "I'm insane," Finneran screams. "And I might not hear you say/`Please don't kill me/Please don't kill me anymore.'"
The song is titled "I Love You."
Here's Finneran again, this time on "Social Kill," the CD's equally sensitive title cut: "I'm just a bum with no money to spend/And I know I said I love you/But I fucked your friend."
He's a real treasure, that Gary Finneran.
"They're just lyrics," Finneran says with a laugh from his manager's office in L.A. "I try to be creative when I write a song. But I try to keep the lyrics kind of simple, too."
Mission accomplished. Indeed, Finneran repeatedly achieves both goals, in varying degrees, on Social Kill's 14-song fun house of killer chords and miserable mindsets.
Finneran seems like a nice enough sort on the phone. There's nary a hint of the budding psychotic who sneer-sings "Please don't kill me/So I can kill you" on the aforementioned "Go Away." Instead, Finneran comes off as an upbeat kind of guy. He's not the easiest conversationalist on the block, but he talks with enthusiasm when the subject suits him right. For instance, Finneran gets especially chipper in recounting Ex-Idols' recent evolution from being just another L.A. band to just another L.A. band with a recording deal.
"We've gone through it all, like everyone else," Finneran says of Ex-Idols' survival skills in and around Hollywood. "We've all done odd jobs, things like telemarketing, working at one-hour-photo places, selling latex gloves. You work at a job for six months and then quit and collect unemployment, and all the time, you're working on your band every night, practicing, taping rehearsals and trying to get a demo out."
That mix of work ethic and patience eventually paid off, with the help of simple good fortune.
"It was total chance," Finneran says of the band's deal last year with Relativity Records. "We had this demo, it was really good, it cost a lot of money--we were all working at the time--and we sent it to 30 record companies. This one guy [at Relativity] happened to like one little part of one of the songs. He flew out and met us, liked us and that's all it was."
Thus the recent release of Social Kill, a bruiser of a disc. Finneran's vocals, along with the considerable crunch of guitarist Duke Decter, make it sound like the band survived a trip to the nether regions of metal by way of old-timey punk. Decter comes through as the band's most valuable weapon; he's got a noticeable knack for cranking power chords straight from Steve Jones' glory days with the Pistols and the Professionals.
Decter joined Ex-Idols after the band's original guitarist was dismissed because of "creative conflict." It was, according to Finneran, a case of "one guy pulling when everybody else is pushing."
With the addition of Decter, Ex-Idols' otherwise-generic punk sound put on some weight. "Duke is a real straight, simple player," Finneran says, adding that "he's not one of these guys trying to play straight and simple. You can tell with those guys. Duke's for real."
Finneran's for real, too. Sort of.
"I'm a poser," he says, laughing. "I mean, who isn't, you know? I wasn't into punk ten years ago when there really was a punk scene. I'm like a lot of people who kind of got into it four years ago or three years ago."
The latest new wave of old-wave punk is big fashion these days, something Finneran's well aware of.
"When you're in a band now and you're playing punk, it really is kind of ridiculous," he says. "You have Green Day and you have Offspring and any one of a thousand other punk bands coming out every second. But that wasn't us."
Indeed, Finneran doesn't apologize for the more metal-oriented efforts on his r‚sum‚. When told his vocals occasionally ooze a hint of David Lee Roth schmaltz, Finneran proudly mentions that one of his previous bands specialized in Van Halen cover songs. As for Ex-Idols' other bloodlines, Decter comes from a firmer punk background. He played in a number of Florida acts, including the moderately successful Disorderly Conduct and F. Originally from Florida, as well, is bassist Sean DeMott, though for years, he's been anchored in Hollywood with Finneran. The same goes for drummer Lance Porter, an Arizona native, born and raised in Page.
Finneran and his rhythm section tried to kick-start several Hollywood-based bands over the years. Apart from Ex-Idols, they all died well short of the promised land.
"It can get grueling, trying to make it," Finneran says. "I give a thumbs up to anyone in a band who's out there still trying."
Not that Finneran makes the payoff sound like eternal bliss.
"It really doesn't mean anything to be signed," he says. "It just means you get to record for lots of money. You get to put your music down on record and make it sound really big."
Tracklist Hide Credits
1Social Kill
Songwriter – Gary (X) Finneran
2Got Nothing
Songwriter – Gary (X) Finneran
3Go Away
Songwriter – Duke Decter
4Wish I Never Heard Your Name
Songwriter – Gary (X) Finneran
5Oh Yeah
Songwriter – Gary (X) Finneran
6My Song
Songwriter – Gary (X) Finneran
Songwriter – Gary (X) Finneran
8Cant Stay
Songwriter – Gary (X) Finneran
Songwriter – Gary (X) Finneran
10The Real You
Songwriter – Gary (X) Finneran
11I Love You
Songwriter – Gary (X) Finneran
12Pill Popper
Songwriter – Gary (X) Finneran
13Kind Of A Sid & Nancy Song
Songwriter – Gary (X) Finneran
14I Die Tomorrow
Songwriter – Gary (X) Finneran
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Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Dog's Picks Of 2013 Volume 10

01 - DANCE HALL PIMPS - Sorrow
02 - HANK 3 - Broken Boogie
03 - JEFF JONES - Pass It Around
04 - DRAG THE RIVER - Black In Bloom
05 - LINDI ORTEGA - I Want You
06 - THE BOSSHOSS - Whatever
07 - THE REACH AROUND RODEO CLOWNS - Wild, Crazy And Out Of Control
08 - THE RADIOACTIVE KIDS - Surf Mummies
09 - THE BOOZE BROTHERS - Cold Smoke
10 - HANK 3 - Watchin U Suffer
11 - MICHALE GRAVES - All The Hallways
12 - THE CREEPSHOW - Take It Away
13 - CALABRESE - I Ride Alone
14 - VICE TRICKS - Rock & Roll
15 - CITIZEN USELESS - Sick Of You
16 - CONTROL - Liberty
17 - NICHE SAV. - The Hunt
19 - IMPERA - Smalltown Blues
20 - DANGER CASANOVA - Party Machine
22 - BABY SNAKES - Blow My Mind
23 - MOTÖRHEAD - Silence When You Speak To Me
24 - MALIGNANT TUMOUR - At Full Throttle
25 - SUPERHORRORFUCK - Horrorchy, Pt. III, The Lord
26 - HATESPHERE - Assassin
27 - MASTER - Another Suicide
28 - KATAKLYSM - Like Animals
29 - SOULFLY - Soulfliktion
30 - LILITH LAYING DOWN - Nightmare Of Your Life

128k - 160k
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Iggy Pop And James Williamson - Kill City Remaster 2010

The classic post-Stooges 1977 album finally reissued as it was meant to be : restored, re-mixed, and remastered under the supervision of both Iggy Pop and James Williamson.

Track Listings
1. Kill City
2. Sell Your Love
3. Beyond the Law
4. I Got Nothin'
5. Johanna
6. Night Theme
7. Night Theme (Reprise)
8. Consolation Prizes
9. No Sense of Crime
10. Lucky Monkeys
11. Master Charge

Thanks to TeGrow my Bro with no Fro.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Screaming Bloody Mary's - Get In Get Off Get Out

OK friends Big Nekro here. Well my lovely post for the evening will be SF California Punk Rock Legends the Screaming Bloody Mary"s. This CD was issued in 1995 on So Cal label Dr. Dream Records And is a kick ass rip roaring 30 min blast of Dead Boys, Dwarves, Motorhead, Johnny Thunders type of punk n roll action. Not much info on the web these days about the band. So sorry about that friends. Anyways check em out I ripped it from a brand new CD @ 320kbs for all you folks out there.

Track Listings
2.Green Light
3.Lady For Life
4.Here Before
5.Gone Gone Gone
6.Take Your Life
7.Telling Lies
9.Make You Mine
10.Johnny B. Dead
11.Junior Is A Friend Of Mine
12.Train Wreck

Wednesday, October 9, 2013


These are some of our life long favourite 7" releases. All 6 are actually very costly, so we have decided to post them here for your enjoyment. We do urge you all to run out and try and collect these releases.
- Nekro & The Dog.

U.S. BOMBS (U.S. Bombs 7" April 1996 Get Lookin' Rec.)
01 - U.S. BOMBS - U.S. Bombs
02 - U.S. BOMBS - Go Back Home

KILL CITY DRAGONS (Fastest Way Down 7" Oct 1990 Punked Rec. Ltd.)
03 - KILL CITY DRAGONS - Fastest Way Down
04 - KILL CITY DRAGONS -  I Don't Want (Anything From You)

SLOPPY SECONDS (Black Roses 7" Dec 1989 Zany Brothers Rec.)
05 - SLOPPY SECONDS - Black Roses
06 - SLOPPY SECONDS - Veronica

KIRSTY MacCOLL (Fifteen Minutes 7" July 1989 Wishing Well Rec.)
07 - KIRSTY MacCOLL - Fifteen Minutes
08 - KIRSTY MacCOLL - Tread Lightly

DEAF SCHOOL (Ronny Zamora 7" Feb 1978 Ear Now! Rec.)
09 - DEAF SCHOOL - Ronny Zamora (My Friend Ron)
10 - DEAF SCHOOL - O Blow

CAPTAIN BEYOND (Mesmerization Eclipse 7" July 1972 Spaced Out Rec.)
11 - CAPTAIN BEYOND - Mesmerization Eclipse
12 - CAPTAIN BEYOND - Frozen Over

50.05 Mb

T.S.O.L. - Revenge

Revenge is the fourth studio album by the American rock band T.S.O.L. (True Sounds of Liberty), released in 1986 through Enigma Records. With increased exposure brought on by continuous touring, and influenced by the growing hard rock scene in their native Southern California, the band moved away from the punk- and gothic rock-influenced sound of their past in favor of simpler rock numbers. To promote the album, two songs were used in film soundtracks: "Nothin' for You" in The Return of the Living Dead (1985) and "Revenge" in Dangerously Close (1986). "Revenge" and "Colors (Take Me Away)" were also made into the band's first music videos       

Thanx to TeGrow!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Legal Weapon - Squeeze Me Like An Anaconda

Legal Weapon are a Southern California punk band, initially composed of singer Kat Arthur, guitarist Brian Hansen, drummer Charlie Vartanian, bassist Patricia Morrison (formerly of The Bags and later of The Gun Club, The Sisters of Mercy and The Damned) and guitarist Mike R. Livingston.

The band's early full-length albums Death of Innocence (for which their lineup included Steve Soto and Frank Agnew of The Adolescents) and Your Weapon were well-received; its later efforts less so. With her powerful voice, Kat Arthur is often called "the Janis Joplin of punk".

Tracklist :

2Damaged Wreckage
3Ass Attack
4Can't Afford Nothin'
5Power, Lust, & Greed
6Last Fall
8Warsaw Tuinal
9What She Knows
10Don't Ask Why
11No Compromise
14You Don't Say

Thanks to Nick Foxx

Sunday, October 6, 2013

The Dog's Picks Of 2013 Volume 09

01 - MARK LANEGAN - Pretty Colors
02 - ISRAEL NASH GRIPKA - Rain Plans
03 - DANNY B. HARVEY & MYSTI MOON - House Of The Rising Sun
04 - CRYSTAL AND RUNNIN' WILD - Free The Demons
05 - RUBY DEE AND THE SNAKEHANDLERS - Rockabilly Playground
06 - RECKLESS KELLY - The Only Home I've Ever Known
07 - AUSTIN LUCAS - Let Me In
08 - THE SADIES - Another Tomorrow Again
10 - THE VANDON ARMS - Rats In The Belly
11 - BRUTUS' DAUGHTERS - Nuechi Del Ñuberu
12 - CRAZY ARM - Roasting River
14 - SKI KING - Symphony Of Destruction
15 - HIGHWAY RYDERS - Dead Man's Hand
16 - TWO COW GARAGE - Hey Cinderella
18 - 56# ALLEY CHAPS - Your Lady In Red
19 - THE ZIPHEADS - Dinosaur Rock
20 - HOT RODDIN' ROMEOS - Red Fury
21 - THE DEVIANTS - Hell Is A Love Song
22 - BILLY BONES - Editions Of You
23 - MARDIGRAS BOMBERS - Derelict Spiv Nation
25 - DREGEN - Mojo's Gone
26 - LEFT LANE CRUISER - Righteous
27 - CHRON GOBLIN - Deserter
28 - HELHORSE - And His Name Is Death
29 - DEATHSTORM - Rest
30 - NEWSTED - Spiderbiter

128k - 160k
125.35 Mb

Saturday, October 5, 2013

The Dog's Picks Of 2013 Volume 08

01 - CALEXICO - Maybe On Monday (Alternate Version)
02 - NADIA HONEY PIE - Just  Because
03 - THE DETONATORS - Highway
04 - JOHNNY RIOUX - Someone's Gonna Die
05 - BRENT AMAKER AND THE RODEO - Tequila Cerveza
07 - NEW COUNTRY REHAB - Lost Highway
08 - MIKE STINSON - Late For My Funeral
09 - MICHAEL MONROE - Ritual
10 - HEY! HELLO! - The Thrill Of It All
11 - MY DOG'S BONE - Hangover
12 - KA TET - Shere Khan
13 - BALEFUL CREED - Illuminati
14 - THE DOPPELGÄNGERS - Drag Me To Hell
15 - THE KASKETEERS - Wild And Free (feat. Elin Ejenstam)
16 - PONYBOY ONEMAN TRIO - The Wild Thing
17 - THE ROCKETZ - Before The Night
18 - BASEMENTONES - I Don't Wanna Be Me
19 - PITBULLFARM - Your Identity
20 - RICHIE RAMONE - Entitled
21 - DIRECT HIT! - The World Is Ending (No One Cares)
22 - ADOLESCENTS - Riptide
25 - IRON REAGAN - Cycle Of Violence
26 - DUSKMACHINE - I Feel No Pain
27 - NUCLEAR SALVATION - Ruins Of Reality
28 - BULLETSIZE - Pay The Price
29 - DEVILDRIVER - Desperate Times
30 - MINISTRY - Thanx But No Thanx

128k - 160k
132.85 Mb

Friday, October 4, 2013

The Suicide Kings - High And Mighty

Take yer medecine / Slut / Switchblade / Cadillac boogie / Faster than the speed of love / Better go now / Digging a ditch / Suicide king / Bad blood / Back sass baby / Bad love / Bummer bitch / You're so inconvenient / Smash & grab / 96 years° / Take yer medecine (alt)°/ Love it° / Dumb & stupid° / Bad boy° / Fist fight° .

Bonus tracks °

The Humpers : Scott "Deluxe" Drake : vocals, guitar / Jeff Fieldhouse : guitars, vocals / Pinky Flamingo : vocals / Bill Warman : bass / Jeff Spring : drums .

Excerpt of a Scott "Deluxe" Drake interview in "Life in a bungalo" :

The liner notes of the Suicide Kings "Teenage Disaster" (Sympathy for the Record Industry) album make you guys seem like seedy characters; any truth to those rumors? Do you still have your old manager’s watch? I’ve never been convicted of anything. Speaking of the Suicide Kings, I bought this CD (maybe mid-1997?) called "The Humpers : High and Mighty Suicide Kings" (on a label I hadn’t heard of before and haven’t since Sonic Records). I’m pretty sure it’s a bootleg, but the sound quality is very good (better the stuff on the SFTRI album). It’s got all the songs off of the Suicide Kings actual LP plus some bonus stuff. The liner notes say it should be considered the first Humpers album. Have you seen this particular release? Who is “Pinky Flamingo?

Scott : - That is a bootleg and should NOT be considered a Humpers’ album, it’s a Suicide Kings album. The two were very different bands. The liner notes on that thing are complete nonsense. Pinky Flamingo was the singer of the Suicide Kings; he hasn’t played in any bands recently.

Ripped from my CD @ 320kbs

Slash City Daggers - Backstabber Blues

This sophomore release by the Daggers, now known as THE SLASH CITY DAGGERS, delivers blues-y, glam punk rocknroll produced by Jeff Dahl (of Angry Samoans fame). It's raunchy rhythms are so infectious that this album is being billed as 2001's answer to the New York Dolls.

"Punknroll has group sex with the Stooges, New York Dolls, and GnR to create the Daggers. It's really catchy and fun to rock out to while tapping your feet, sneering and trying to look cooler than you really are." -- Maximum Rock N Roll

Track listing:

1 T. V. & Pills
2 Backstage
3 Feels Good
4 Backstabber Blues
5 Fucking You
6 Daggers Rule
7 Jailhouse Lover
8 Dead Drunk
9 Same Ol' Thang
10 Jackhammer
11 Sweet Dreams
12 Backseat Baby