Saturday, January 11, 2014

Jeff Dahl And Spiders From Uranus, The - Leather Frankenstein

This is one of my personal favorites by Mr Jeff Dahl. I am posting this by request of Barking Dog. Enjoy my friend.

Track List:
1Leather Frankenstein
2Can't Keep From Cryin'
3Surf Tv
4Only Lovers Left Alive
5Stars & Moons
6European Vacation
7Dead Heroes
9Hotrods To Hell
10I Think I Lost My Mind
11Waitin' For You


  1. Thanks nekro, bloody good album, appreciate you posting it.

  2. No problem man. Most def one of Jeff's best outputs. And it was recorded about an hour from home here in Az. When Jeff lived here. Love the man in a non gay way.


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