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SWEET JUSTICE [2004] Sweet Justice

While Sweet Justice may have started as a meeting of the minds between members of three notable punk rock bands, musically the trio quickly evolved into a group with the talent and the versatility to take any number of stylistic paths. Sweet Justice was formed in 2002 by Frank Meyer, former singer and guitarist with the Streetwalkin' Cheetahs. Meyer had written the screenplay for an independent film called Fat Cats, and needed to come up with some source music for the movie. Looking for a 1970s hard rock vibe, Meyer invited bassist Bruce Duff (who had worked with ADZ, Jeff Dahl, and .45 Grave in the past) and Todd Westover (formerly of the BellRays) on drums to record some songs in his home studio. Meyer and Duff were happy enough with the material to decide to make Sweet Justice an ongoing project, and when the band turned into a full-time concern after the breakup of the Cheetahs, Westover vacated the drum seat and another BellRays veteran, Chris Markwood, took over. The band started playing gigs on the Los Angeles club scene, sharing bills with Rocket from the Tombs, the Lazy Cowgirls, Legal Weapon, and Zeke, and after contributing tracks to a couple compilation albums, made their recorded debut on a split 7" shared with legendary Midwest rocker Scott Morgan. In 2003, Sweet Justice signed to the Philadelphia-based independent label Real O Mind Records, and they issued the band's first full-length album in the spring of 2004. sourced:

01 - Guns Of Navarone
02 - Sold Me Out
03 - Outta Site
04 - True To You
05 - Last Night
06 - Johnny Ricco And The Kid
07 - Travelin' Blues
08 - Slide
09 - If You Look Like A Star
10 - Don't Cry On Somebody Else's Shoulder
11 - Blood And Alcohol
12 - Hey Christina
13 - Baby Love

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Frank Meyer is a man who loves his rock & roll, as anyone who has ever lent an ear to his work with the Streetwalkin' Cheetahs already knows, but his definition of the term goes beyond mere faster-and-louder blamalama, and the self-titled debut album from his new band Sweet Justice moves past the old-school punk sounds of the Cheetahs into plenty of tasty new directions. Teaming up with ex-ADZ bassist Bruce Duff and drummer Chris Markwood (who kept time for the Bellrays), Meyer and Sweet Justice deliver the high-powered goods on tunes like the bitter "Sold Me Out" and the blazing "Blood and Alcohol," but the trio offers plenty more for your entertainment dollar -- straight-from-the-gut blues ("True to You," "Travelin' Blues"), '70s style party shakers ("Outta Site," "Last Night"), Thin Lizzy-on-speed power ballads ("Johnny Ricco and the Kid"), deep-space dub ("Hey Christina"), and high-gloss pop production pieces ("If You Look Like a Star," with guest vocals from Save Ferris belter Monique Powell). For some bands, eclecticism is a code word for not knowing just what you want to do, but Sweet Justice sound firmly committed and confident on all 13 tracks, and with good reason -- these guys have damn good songs, they play 'em with passion, skill, and just the right touch (no matter which direction they're going), and they're not so interested in worrying about what they "should" be doing as they are in making a great record. And that's just what they've done: Sweet Justice is a very impressive calling card for a band's first turn at bat, and while they could go any number of places from this starting point, it's hard to imagine many of 'em not being well-worth hearing. Impressive stuff, even if the prior resumés of the guys on board mean nothing to you. sourced:

Huge thanks to Frank Meyer for sending us this and permitting it to be posted.

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