Saturday, March 1, 2014

Flower Leperds ‎– More Songs About Dames, Dope, And Debauchery

Ok one more here before I call it a day. This one is quite cool. The Flower Leperds hail from LA and had been around a few years prior to ex-Adolescents Tony Cadena joining. They recorded a fantastic Ep for Mystic and then kind of went stale. Tony joins and Things Start Moving (an Adolescents song). This cd is a career round up from time that Tony joins them. If you like The Stooges and adding a little doomish goth/metalish stuff then this is for you. Me? Love it!!!


  1. Great round up album, another bloody good album and a great intro to this band for those not familiar with them.

    Glad you're staying on in a part-time capacity, the blog wouldn't be same without you matey!

  2. In 1987, I picked up the first Flower Leperds tape with Tony singing. I was kinda disappointed in that it had a dirty kinda sound and it was kinda gothic. In 1988, I bought Heaven's Closed, again on cassette. I found that tape to be outstanding. Great songs with power and melody. The recording was much better and indeed sounded better on lp than on tape. Sound quality was always touch and go with cassettes an cassette players. Anyway, I bought Wednesday's Child on lp in '90 and was not as good as Heaven's Closed. That was so long ago. Just last year, 2015, I decided to give this recording anthology a listen, and it streams excellently! After all these years, I listen to the true sound with all the glory. I don't know if these cuts have been remastered because the original mix, well, I can hear it. It sounds just like it did so many years ago, decades, just cleaner, punchier. I am so glad these recordings still exist. Thank you for the giving this great band some exposure. By the way, the Flower Leperds 'Original Group' is also now available in streaming as well. A bit different, but very, I mean, very good mid 1980's punk; gloomy also. I have discovered new found love for all these cuts on the anthology. Since I'm older now, I can hear what the band was trying to accomplish with those records so long ago. I now love EVERY song from all the eras of the band. Great band. Spread the word for those who are looking for good rock and roll in 2016 and beyond.

  3. The Flower Leperds were a great RnR band out of San Gabriel Valley California. Completely underrated and misunderstood as with so many from the SGV, Mad Parade, Abandoned (Also Tony), Black Jaxx, etc. So many great drunken punk rock nights growing up for me. I am not sure if Tony and the label had this remastered but I was thinking so. :)


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