Saturday, May 31, 2014

Dog Days Revolution - Overloaded

Dog Days Revolution are a bunch of hard riffing guys from Finland that absolutely stink of Rock 'n' Roll. Their riff charged engine is fueled by a smoking mix of AC/DC style strutting up and down the fretboard and a healthy injection of seventies glitter rock love. These guys also pack a real punch in the rhythm section (not a euphemism) courtesy of former Peer Gunt geezers Teijo Erkinharju and Teijo Kettula. The pulsing basslines and thunderous drums really get the grooves flowing, pumping the rhythm to every part of 'Overloaded' while coursing beneath some wonderfully Sweet-esque backing vocals that bring each and every song to life with vigor and colour.

1. Shes Allright 4:16
2. Overloaded 3:57
3. One Night Special 3:21
4. All Rise 3:52
5. Fox On The Run 4:01
6. So Simple Is Rock'n'roll 3:21
7. Fire Fire 3:05
8. Rich and Famous 3:19
9. All Night 3:39
10. I Dont Drive My Car 3:31
11. Rock Me Honey 3:42
12. Let Me In 4:56

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