Saturday, May 24, 2014

Love Drunks - S/T

"We sound like what would happen if Jerry Lee Lewis played guitar". Hailing from Atlanta, GA, the Love Drunks sound is a rootsy take on snotty punk, a roaring tidalwave of old timey blues and rockabilly poured through the filter of Stooges garage-punk. "Full tilt rockabilly punk with enough garage bangto blow you off your barstool." - Ear Candy. "Pure, no messing around rock 'n' bloody roll." - Maximum RnR. "Captures the great dark appeal of the early Cramps and the first Gun Club record." - Pop Culture Press "Cheap, upbeat and full of sexy swagger." - Exclaim Magazine. "Pop this in at that next house party, provided the parents aren't home and it isn't your house." - Altercation Magazine.


01 Sketch
02 Lindbergh Baby
03 Revenge
04 Riot in a Haymarket Square
05 John Hutcherson Rag
06 Blow
07 Heaven
08 Insomnia
09 Livin' (Dirty Bits)
10 Mortician Blues


  1. Interesting. I'mma check it out. Thank you.


  2. np hope you liked it as much as me.

  3. This is great stuff matey, thanks for sharing.


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