Sunday, May 18, 2014

Raven - All For One

Such a NWOBHM classic by one of the best English metal bands. John and Mark Gallagher featuring the incredible Rob Wacko Hunter sign a masterpiece. Raven has always had an underground sound, all those screams and lyrics and the agressive and raw style define theirselves. "All For One" is probably the album with which they reached the definitive success. From the first song to the last, the record is an awesome display of true anger, power and virtuosity. It's an unquestionable masterpiece of metal, which contributed to the consolidation of the NWOBHM.

"Take Control", the classic "Mind Over Metal" or the amazing "Run Silent, Run Deep" are the proof that Raven were on their best moment in their career. The vocals are great, the solos just rock and every track on the album is awesome. Raven is one of the most agressive, powerful bands you can listen to, and "All For One" will always remain as an all-time metal classic.
The sound form the two first albums evolutioned to a more intense metal, and I don't think anyone could discuss the relevance of this album. It also contributed to the consolidation of speed and thrash metal, along with the albums of bands like Exciter or Accept.

Metallica went on tour in 1983 with Raven, and it's specially awesome the Ep that they released with Udo Dirkschneider. The remastered version includes the "Born To Be Wild 7'' " single, which remains as an excellent performance of the classic by Steppenwolf.
"All For One" deserves to be in every metal fan collection.

"Recorded in London in 1983, and produced by Udo Dirkschneider of Accept, this was a major record for Raven. They had previously with their first two albums, and touring, solidified a strong fan base (doing tours with bands like Girlschool, and gigs with bands like (then) "young metal attack Metallica") which formatively uped the stakes so to say, or better put, it gave the band the ego boost they needed to move into the sound they were slowly growing into, and a hope of really cashing in one day as far as sales are concerned.

I'd argue that this is a turning point for Raven. The first two albums were total NWOBHM, with out a doubt, but this album really shows what the band was going to be turning into on future albums like Stay Hard, and Life's A Bitch, a more progressed sound with a more mainstreamed feel, but it still does have those NWOBHM leanings in its sound at points. Good or bad, this is a turning point, and this album gave Raven the opportunity for a major record label release (well their legendary live shows had a bit to do with that also).

Musically the bands really tight, and totally doing what only they did. Non-stop catchy rythms coated in high end vocal wails, shreding leads, and solos, and an attitude thats undeneibly metal. There are alot of total old school heavy metal riffs on here, but in alot of ways at the base of their music, Raven has always been a progressive hard rock band on speed, and playing at 11. Also, there is no lack for talent on this record. All the musicians are fully competent, overly energetic, and highly creative. These guys put alot into these songs, and its apparent. You wont find an album quite like this.

The production values are limitless, this is classic heavy metal with a sound unique to its time. Everything, from the vocals, to the drums, to the guitars has been masterly produced to hold a sound that is extinct. I highly recomend this album to anyone interested in classic 80's metal."


1. Take Control
2. Mind Over Metal
3. Sledgehammer Rock
4. All For One
5. Run Silent Run Deep
6. Hung, Drawn & Quartered
7. Break The Chain
8. Take It Away
9. Seek And Destroy
10. Athletic Rock
11. Born To Be Wild
12. The Ballad Of Marshall Stack
13. Inquisitor

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