Monday, June 9, 2014

Introducing... PEARS

PEARS is a hardcore punk band from New Orleans, LA.

Zach Quinn yells a lot and gets tired.
Brian Pretus plays the guitar and sings a little.
Alex Talbot plays the bass and yells a little.
John Bourgeois plays the drums real fast.

They enjoy spending their time worrying about stuff, getting stressed out, making things inconvenient, spilling things, broken equipment, fast songs, aggravating their booking agent, getting nervous, having panic attacks, and jokes.

The things they enjoy are beautifully demonstrated when they play music together.

PEARS have recently announced the release of their first full length album, "Go To Prison," which is set for June 24th. They are both releasing and promoting the record independently.

Their CD release show is in New Orleans on June 24th with A Wilhelm Scream and Red City Radio and they plan to tour extensively to promote the record. Also, people can pre-order the cd with some extra goodies from their Storenvy!

They've recently premiered the first single off the record, "Framework," which is streaming at Dying Scene:

“Framework” video:

Link for Pre-Ordering:

For a "name your price" download of ...In Diapers 2014 Demos EP go here:

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