Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Nekro Cadver's Radio Show: Volume 1

Here ya go folks, a new comp from good friend Scott.

Brand new comp series I am dropping on you good folks. Basically if I had a radio show this is what you would hear. Now with this new series I am stepping back in time to the songs that pumped my nades. And still stand the test of time for me. 1982 was the year i found Punk Rock and it came in the form of Stiv Bators, Joey Ramone, and Johnny Thunders. So many greats I will be covering in this series. Please feel free to share link and repost. Also please leave a comment love to hear from you guys.

Nekro Cadver's Radio Show

Volume 1

01 THE LORDS OF THE NEW CHURCH - Opening Nightmares
02 THE CRAMPS - Strychnine
03 NEW YORK DOLLS - Vietnamese Baby
04 RAMONES - 53rd and 3rd
05 X - We're Desperate
06 UK SUBS - Warhead
07 THE UNDEAD - A Life of Our Own
08 SEX PISTOLS - Feelings [Aka 'No Feelings']
09 GENERATION X - Promises Promises
10 NO ALTERNATIVE - Johnny Got His Gun
12 THE JONESES - Cut That Trash
13 IGGY & THE STOOGES - Raw Power
14 DEAD BOYS - I Need Lunch
15 NEIL YOUNG & CRAZY HORSE - Hey Hey My My (Into the Black) [Live]
16 THE CLASH - Stay Free
17 THE STYRENES - Green Lamp
18 NO CRISIS - She's Into the Scene
19 TOY DOLLS - Dougy Giro
20 NEGATIVE TREND - Mercenaries


Thanks to: Big Spookie, Chilly, Lil Nekro, Sven (The Dog),
S. Elliot, Ronnie, Nicky "WIRE" Fawkes, Bob Bonehead, TJ T., and the rest....

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