Saturday, August 9, 2014

Shadow Windhawk and the Morticians Crowd Sourcing Campaign

Greetings Boils and Ghouls,

This is Shadow Windhawk, with an important message for all of our loyal Morticians' Assistants!

This marks the beginning of a new chapter for Shadow Windhawk and the Morticians - we launched our first ever crowd sourcing campaign via IndieGoGo, which you can check out and contribute to, anytime during the next 60 days, right here: On October 4th, the project closes. With this ambitious new campaign, we hope to raise at least $7,500 to accomplish some major goals:

One: We want to press our debut album, "Casket Spray" to 12" Limited Edition Vinyl in eye-catching, translucent "Candy Corn Yellow". This is an extremely expensive business venture for a new band and we simply cannot afford to do this without the demand and support of our fans and friends. This release will be strictly limited to 200 pieces worldwide. It is extremely likely to sell out during this campaign.

Two: We want to hire the legendary 90's "Goosebumps" illustrator, Tim Jacobus, to create a brand-new, 100% original hand-painted cover for the Casket Spray vinyl, in full color. The painting will be created in the same style that helped to make "Goosebumps" the single best-selling children's book series in the entire world. Tim is a true professional, and as such he does not work for cheap. A significant portion of the funds for this project will be allocated to pay him for his time and hard work. He has already agreed to create the album art for this project, so all we need are the funds to make it happen!

Three: We want to fund a brand-new, bad ass music video for our latest single, "The Never Dead". We have an amazing local team on board from N.I.C.E Productions who are ready to make this video happen. It will be inspired by expect dead things and plenty of GORE!!

Four: We want to tour in the US and around the world (and you can bet your asses we're bringing our friends with us). All funds remaining from this campaign after the cover artwork is paid for and vinyl + perks are created/shipped out, will go straight into purchasing a reliable touring van for SWATM to begin touring the United States. We will also pool any extra resources into a fund for SWATM to tour overseas in Europe.

Regardless of the result of this campaign, we are also working on writing the next SWATM album as I type this and you can be sure it will be an epic sophomore album. That will be coming next year, but for is all or nothing with pressing the Casket Spray vinyl and shooting the new Never Dead video. If we don't make at least the minimum goal on this campaign, we won't see a dime and the vinyl and video will be placed on the back burner, as this is a *Fixed Funding* Campaign. You decide what happens next, loyal assistants...we believe in you and now we ask you all to believe in us.

The future of Shadow Windhawk and the Morticians is now in your hands. If you cannot support us financially, that is totally OK. You can support this campaign simply by making some noise for us! Share the SWATM IndieGoGo link however and where ever you possibly can over the next two months! Help us make this thing go viral...the more support we have, the better the end results of this project will be. We love you all and cannot ever adequately express our sincere gratitude for all the kindness and support you guys have shown us in the short time we have been a band. We love the horrorpunk scene and hope to remain a part of this new wave of horrorpunk for a very long time. Together, we can make all of these goals a reality and more.

We hope to see you on the road soon, and look forward to pressing this album to vinyl!!

Love Like Blood,

Shadow Windhawk
Black Flame Records

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