Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Shadow Windhawk and the Morticians Crowd Sourcing Campaign Update #2

We have only 12 days left to raise $4,172. And if we fail to do this, all the work put into this campaign will have been in vain...SWATM will see none of the funds donated to this point. The vinyl and video will not go into production. Please, if you wish to see us do bigger and better things in this band, if you really believe in us...share the news of this campaign and contribute to it if you can. We just added Stich's SWATM leather vest as a new perk today - check it out! One week from this Saturday, if we have not gathered at least $7,500 then we will be back at square one.

The fate of this project now lies directly in your hands, guys. No matter what happens, we love you all!


Contribute to the campaign here. https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/swatm-casket-spray-on-vinyl-and-new-music-video/#home

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