Monday, October 6, 2014

Direct Hit! "Brainless God" Box Set Preorders Up Now

Hey dudes!

Pumped as fuck to finally show off these Brainless God box sets we've been promising for more than a year. For those who give a shit: Thanks for being patient and not fucking with us too much for taking our time getting them together. We're really proud of how they turned out.

There's a photo attached to this email. I spent about 8 hours putting the display together. Please don't hurt my feelings.

There are a little more than 100 of these left for sale, and if past releases are any indication, they might sell out pretty quick. Just so you know what's up, each set includes:

- 2-color silkscreened, hand-numbered box, printed by The Shop Merch Co. in Madison, Wis.
- Clear red vinyl LP version of "Brainless God," pressed by Red Scare
- Album-length DVD with chapter selection, co-produced by Good Land Records and Red Scare
- 48-page lyric/comic book, illustrated by Eric Baskauskas/Wall Of Youth

We're selling these for $40ppd apiece, but if you're going to be at Fest on Halloween, you can preorder yours for $30 and pick it up after our set at Rockey's, at 8:50PM/ET. For international orders, we need a $35 deposit, plus the difference in shipping, which we'll figure out once we hear from you. We'll mail out the week of November 10th.

Our Paypal address is MAKE SURE YOU INCLUDE YOUR MAILING ADDRESS WITH YOUR PAYMENT. First-come, first serve. If we get more than 300 preorders, we'll refund anyone who came in too late. We aren't going to limit the quantity anyone can buy for anyone who wants extra copies for a distro or an Xmas gift or something, but don't be a dick - try and keep it reasonable.

Thanks for continuing to pay attention to our stupid band. Let's keep hangin.

<3 Nick / DH

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