Sunday, October 5, 2014

Jo Dog & Paul Black's Sonic Boom [2000] Sundown Yellow Moon

Mix one talented British guitarist named Jo 'Dog' Almeida (Dogs D’Amour) with one eccentric frontman, Paul Mars Black (L.A. Guns, Black Cherry). Add generous dashes of blues, pop, and roots rock and roll and bake until finished. The result? A recipe for success… the band Jo & Paul's Sonic Boom, which will please the tastes of even the most discerning fan. The EP Out of the Blues released in the late 90’s and Sundown Yellow Moon in 2000, were printed in limited editions but received rave reviews from those lucky enough to get their hands on a copy. Wistful lyrics combined with feel good melodies created a vibe that had you singing along, even after the music had ended.

After a break to complete solo projects, the guys recently reconvened to get their groove on again. Tasty new concoctions will be set in concrete in the near future. Meanwhile, fans will be treated to two new singles, Tree For Shade and Everybody Rains On My Parade and keep your eyes peeled for accompanying videos.

01 - Sundown Yellow Moon
02 - Slippin' Away
03 - It's Alright
04 - Destination Nowhere
05 - Blind Love
06 - Out Of The Blues
07 - Find Me
08 - It's Hot!
09 - Wine & Roses
10 - I See Daylight
11 - Broken Wings
12 - Lazy Morning
13 - Candy Store
14 - She Turns Me On
15 - That's What It's Like
16 - Borracho Bolero

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