Sunday, October 5, 2014

Marijuanal Release Debut Album "Stoned Punk"

Marijuanal was founded in the province of Rovigo (Veneto Region, Italy) during March\April 2013 by Spear (voice, guitars) who was lookin to create a band to play his favourite music: hardcore, thrash 80's, punk. Few weeks later Piledriver (bass), a person well known by Spear, joined in the band and changed a little bit a simple hardcore project into something more interesting and complete.

In the summer 2013 the demo "Garbage Paradise" was ready and it had 4 songs, in September 2013 "Greatest (S)hits", containing 3 songs, was ready and represented a very huge step ahead.

"Alone" became number 1 in the soundclick punk chart and in the rock chart reached the top 50, "No Pussies In The Skatepark" reached  number 4 in the soundclick punk chart, whilst "1984" (which has been used for their second videoclip) reached number 11, "Blood (nukezone)" positioned 10 in over 16807 tracks and positioned 49 in over 107198 tracks and these songs are included in their debut album "Stoned Punk", which was released August 2014.

On 16 February 2014, "No Pussies In The Skatepark" was voted as one of the best songs in the demo chart in the website of the legendary punk label "Epitaph". On 5 March 2014, "No Pussies In The Skatepark" and "1984" were both in the Epitaph demo chart.

On Reverbnation: number 1 in punk local chart, number 1 in national punk chart, number 31 in the global punk chart.

Their songs are in the playlists of a good number of web radios/radios worldwide: you can listen to them in California, Florida, Argentina, Brazil, Italy, Phlippines, and more. They've been interviewed several times and you can find their songs on 4 Italian compilation albums.

Their common influences are: hardcore, punk, '80's thrash, rock.

Piledriver is fan of japanese rock, indie, alternative and his idols are Matt Freeman (Rancid) and Ue-chan (Maximus the Hormone).

Spear loves drum'n'bass, rap, hip hop, dubstep, goa trance, indie, stoner rock/metal sludge metal.

A zero budget video has been released for the track "No Pussies In The skatepark", the same as for "1984".

2 session men help them play live.

This album is one great slab of stoner punk, do yourselves a favour and purchase it from here or here.

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