Saturday, October 4, 2014

Shadow Windhawk and the Morticians Crowd Sourcing Campaign Update #4

Morticians' Assistants! Because of you, we have done it. This morning our campaign reached its initial goal of $7,500 and has since surpassed it to a current total of $8,031. On behalf of myself and The Morticians, I just want to say thank you so much - from the depths of our undead hearts. We are all shocked and excited that our journey is taking the exact direction that we had hoped it would upon launching this campaign. It gives me great joy to announce that not only will our debut music video, "The Never Dead" go into pre-production next week, but we will also be releasing our debut album "Casket Spray" on limited edition Candy Corn Yellow 12" vinyl, with brand-new cover artwork by legendary 90's Goosebumps illustrator, Tim Jacobus. Currently, the final master of the album is ready to go, as is the track list and the funds for the pressing. But - prior to production, the artwork must be completed. I spoke with Mr. Jacobus today and he is extremely busy at the moment, however our album cover is now officially on his schedule and will be in the initial stages of production by the first week of November. Four weeks after the first rough sketch is approved by SWATM, the cover will be completed with full color - at which time, the vinyl pressing will finally go into production. The vinyl records will take between 6  - 10 weeks to arrive at Black Flame Records HQ, at which point the albums will begin to ship out to you guys immediately. As for the additional merch - all of it will be produced as quickly as we can manage to do it - without sacrificing any quality. Everything coming from this IndieGoGo project will be created and manufactured from only best of the best companies out there. The vinyl, for example, is being pressed at Sound Performance USA, who have pressed albums for many big clients including Amon Amarth. I personally will see that the Windhawk Jukebox perks are uploaded as soon as possible. Also: perks such as the custom vests, jacket and guitar will ship out in the next one to two weeks, I also hope to have the lifetime all-access laminates completed in the next one to two weeks. As for the music video, we intend to begin principle photography in November with a release date sometime in early December this year - everyone who has contributed will be credited in the video at the end, and the producers' names will be appearing in the beginning of the video.

This is only the start of a big future for SWATM.

We love you guys!!!!!!

Shadow Windhawk

Visit the ‘SWATM Casket Spray on Vinyl and New Music Video!’ campaign.

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