Saturday, October 25, 2014

The Starvations - A Blackout to Remember

The Starvations - A Blackout to Remember

This band is truly refreshing. I wouldn't even know of a way to accurately describe these guys that would do them justice, but what I can say, is that these guys have come up with an immensely powerful sound all their own. If you havent already picked up this record, I strongly recommend that you do.

Track Listings

1. Whiskey Summer/Gin Fall
2. Girl Of Stone
3. Curse Of The Loner
4. Raising Nothing
5. Whorelove
6. Queen Bee's Lament
7. Church Of The Doublecross
8. Peasant's Prayer
9. On The Bum
10. Ringfinger
11. Boys From The County Hell
12. You Ruined X-Mas


  1. Thanks for posting these, enjoyed all three albums.

  2. Hi, great blog! I just discovered it, I'd love to download the three starvations albums but the links no longer work, is it possible to upload them again ?

    thanks, greetings!

  3. Sorry No, I don't do reups. If ya wanna email me and I have sometime. Maybe then.


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