Wednesday, December 31, 2014

La Chinga European Vinyl Release

La Chinga is a stoner boogie power trio sitting on the world's edge in Vancouver, Canada. Drawing from Sabbath, Zep, the MC5 and their own superbad habits, La Chinga has established a penetrating buzz across Canadian campus radio. Self released in 2013, the band's debut self-titled album prompted ecstatic reviews from the kind of people who wonder why they don't make 'em like this anymore.

"With their electric black magic unleashed and in full flight, they bonded with the children of the forest over Cro-Magnon riffage, pounding drums, banshee wails, bell bottoms, boogie vans and the sweet miracle of tequila. Through sheer stoopidity, brutality, violence and volume they honed their primordial craft into a sonic axe of stone, opening skulls with deadly precision for as far as the pterodactyl flew." (from: La Chinga Biography)

Their debut album which is "made by rockers for rockers" is honoured now with the European release including three exclusive bonus tracks.

La Chinga are:
Carl Spackler: Bass, Vocals
Ben Yardley: Guitars, Vocals
Jason Solyom: Drums

- 111x marbled (EXCLUSIVE MAIL ORDER version)
- 222x yellow
- Plated & pressed on high performance vinyl in Germany
- Matt laquered 300gsm gatefold cover
- Handnumbered
- Mastered for vinyl

A01. Early Grave
A02. Snake Eyes
A03. The Wheel
A04. Catty
A05. To Let Silver
A06. Precious & Grace
B01. Freedom Machine
B02. Country Mile
B03. La Chinga
B04. The Reaper
B05. When I Get Free
B06. The Universe Is Mine

Recorded by Jay Solyom. Mastered at Full Circle Mastering.
Produced by La Chinga.
Artwork by Sab Kay.

This is one great album folks and you can purchase it from here

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