Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Jeff Dahl - Have Faith (Ltd Ed Acoustic EP)

With the next few post I do, I am going to be exploring Jeff Dahl's 4 Ltd Ed Acoustic albums. And I'll post the Battered Stuff album as the 5 post. So we start with Jeff's first acoustic offering 1991"s Have Faith.


Jeff Dahl - Have Faith (1991)
1. Have Faith
2. You Scare Me
3. Bad Prescription
4. I'm In Love With The GTO's
5. Regards To Hell
6. Sister Evangeline

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

2 Fat Punks - Snack Pack

Well the 2 Fat Punks are back with their first comp for 2014. Grab your self some cake and some ice cream and enjoy the comp.

2 Fat Punks - Snack Pack

1. Ramones - I Wanna Be Sedated
2. Misfits - Horror Business
3. NOFX - The Brews
4. Generation X - Kiss Me Deadly
5. Operation Ivy - Bombshell
6. Mad Parade - Animal Riot
7. The Clash - The Guns Of Brixton
8. Social Distortion - Hour Of Darkness
9. Fugazi - Waiting Room
10. D.I. - O.C. Life
11. Sex Pistols - Anarchy In The U.K.
12. Screeching Weasel - I, Robot
13. Tiger Army - In The Orchard
14. The Undead - A Life Of Our Own
15. Black Flag - Thirsty And Miserable
16. Ramones - Don't Come Close

All tracks selected by 2 Fat Punks.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Romanian Groovy Death Metallers LOUDRAGE just released their new EP, "Uglier Than Thou"

LOUDRAGE - [2014] Uglier Than Thou EP

Romania based Groovy Death Metal band LOUDRAGE just released its new EP "Uglier Than Thou" in digital format, now available for free download and streaming on the following page:


1. Doomed (03:59)
2. As Long As I Live (04:13)
3. Fear Me (03:52)
4. Suffo-Kate (04:43)
5. Intruders (03:00)


Released 05 January 2014
Recorded in 2013 at LiveSet Studio Cluj-Napoca (
Mixed by Adi OQ Neagoe & Jeffro
Mastered by Jeffro (
Cover artwork by Alex Duduc (

The band previously released 2 videos to promote this new EP:

Fear Me -
Suffo-Kate -

Sunday, January 12, 2014

The Dog's Picks Of 2013 Volume 16

01 - THE RICOCHETS - Devil's Highway
02 - THE LONG TALL TEXANS - What Part Of Fuck Off Don't You Understand
03 - THE MARKSMEN - Wheel Of Life
06 - THE BASTARD SUNS - Annie Bar The Door
07 - THE TOSSPINTS - Train Robber Song
08 - LEXINGTON FIELD - The Chemical Worker's Song
09 - CELKILT - The Goodbye Song
10 - IRISH MOUTARDE - The Cabin
11 - LOCHNESZ - The Howling Wind (Tam Lin)
12 - DRINK HUNTERS - In My Head
13 - THE SCALLY CAP BRATS - You Never Know
15 - GASOLINE KILLS - For A Friend
16 - JUNKSTARS - Black Devil
17 - CHRIS T-T & THE HOODRATS - The Bear
18 - JOE SATRIANI - A Celebration
19 - DAILY NOISE CLUB - Because Of You
20 - NIKKI FOXX - Time To Pay
21 - MAD MAX - Save Me
22 - ZORD - Lullaby For A Deranged Mind
23 - LA RESISTANCE - Ready To Kill
24 - DELIVERANCE - The Annals Of Subterfuge
25 - BILLY BOY IN POISON - A Scent Of Blood
26 - ARC REACTOR - Unspoken
27 - PLOY FOR EXTINCTION - Weak And Powerless
28 - NINTH CIRCLE - Believers Of The Lie
29 - ALFORNA - Bullshit
30 - UNDERTOW - Slatesoul

125.32 Mb

The Dog's Picks Of 2013 Volume 15: Aussie Music

01 - FOX n FIRKIN - Cradle To The Grave
02 - NANCY VANDAL - Desmond Manchild
03 - PLAN OF ATTACK - Bullshitters And Backstabbers
04 - CLOWNS - Grave Junkie
05 - RAZORCUT - We Were Young
06 - LAST MISTRESS - The Fighter
07 - SPIDERBAIT - Where's The Baseline
08 - LOVE CREAM - Why Not Me
09 - CHINATOWN ANGELS - Gun Shy (Live)
10 - THE HIDDEN VENTURE - Go For The Kill
11 - THE WARHORSE - Thirsty Crow
12 - HIGH TENSION - High Risk High Rewards
13 - UPPERGROUND - Trickin'
14 - TRAINWRECK - Arch My Back
15 - SCAR THE SURFACE - Hangman
16 - HEARTS LIKE WOLVES - La Maquina
17 - XENOS - So...
18 - HIDDEN INTENT - Black Hole
19 - ENTER REALITY - Persona
20 - CHRONOLYTH - Fallen Saviour
21 - CHAMBERS OF INSANITY - Eye Of The Storm
22 - HEAD IN A JAR - Nuclear Family
23 - CEREBRAL CONTORTION - Devouring Disease
24 - SNATCHED CORD - Focus
25 - MASON - Product Of Hate

113.28 Mb

The Dog's Picks Of 2013 Volume 14

02 - DAVE EDMUNDS - Halfway Down
03 - WET NUNS - Only Sometimes
04 - THE PISTONES - Die Alone
05 - CHEETAH CHROME - Stare Into The Night
06 - REVEREND RED - Hang Him In Front Of Me
07 - KATHY X - Loner
08 - EVIL DEVIL - Sludge
09 - THE MAÜ-MAÜ - One More Night
11 - THE BUTCHERY BOYS - Deathcar Joyride
12 - THE BLACK BULLETS - Too Loaded (For Love)
13 - ENGLISH DOGS - Nothing & Nowhere
14 - BASTARD SQUAD - Astrophs Waiting
15 - MISFITS - Descending Angel
16 - MISS BEHAVE & THE CARETAKERS - Eat Your Heart Out
17 - HARD ROCK ZOMBIE - Gravedance
18 - ATOM AGE VAMPIRE - Dr. Monster
19 - RICTUS GRIM - Fallen
21 - KILLCODE - 6 A.M. Again
22 - CHROME MOLLY - Clean Outta Luck
23 - CASABLANCA - Barriers
24 - NASTY CRÜE - Spell On Me
25 - SILENT JACK - Going Down
26 - RECKLESS LOVE - Metal Ass
27 - SHAKA PONK - Spit (Live)
28 - HELLION - Slaughter Smell (feat. Andy LaRocque)
30 - PRO-PAIN - Can't Stop The Pain

128k - 160k
123.51 Mb

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Jeff Dahl And Spiders From Uranus, The - Leather Frankenstein

This is one of my personal favorites by Mr Jeff Dahl. I am posting this by request of Barking Dog. Enjoy my friend.

Track List:
1Leather Frankenstein
2Can't Keep From Cryin'
3Surf Tv
4Only Lovers Left Alive
5Stars & Moons
6European Vacation
7Dead Heroes
9Hotrods To Hell
10I Think I Lost My Mind
11Waitin' For You

ANGUS KHAN [2009] Black Leather Soul

Sounding like Angus Young and Genghis Khan in a back alley bar fight, Angus Khan is a five-piece piece biker metal supergroup out of Hollywood, CA that features members of punk rock ‘n’ roll favorites B-Movie Rats, The Streetwalkin’ Cheetahs, ADZ, Dirty Harry, and Jesters of Destiny. Combining the raw power of AC/DC and the Stooges, the hard rock fury of Kiss and Aerosmith, and the outlaw spirit of Rose Tattoo and Zodiac Mindwarp, Angus Khan have quickly amassed a strong following with their explosive live show and catchy anthems. Playing up and down the west coast with the likes of the Datsuns, Antiseen, Black Halos, The Binges, Broken Teeth, Jetboy, Rhino Bucket, Sasquatch and Blowfly, the band worked up the 12 songs that make up its debut, Black Leather Soul, which features rippin’ live favorites “Silver and Green,” “Big Balls,” “Call Me Motherfucker,” and “Exile on Main Street.” The Khan quickly garnered the attention of hip Los Angeles indie label Nickel and Dime Records (Miss Derringer, Plan 9, Motorcycle Boy) and began its assault on the rest of the world. Angus Khan's debut album, "Black Leather Soul," was released July 28th, 2009 through Nickel and Dime. sourced:

01 - Midnight Moses
02 - Call Me Motherfucker
03 - Big Balls
04 - Mr Living Dead
05 - Scene Bitch
06 - Silver And Green
07 - On The Run
08 - Hot Pants
09 - Black Leather Soul
10 - Bop City
11 - Chainsaw Betty
12 - Exile On Mean Street

44.43 Mb

Listen up! Are you tired of the same old same old from your rock bands? Do you want a vocalist who can sing rather than channel the tortured soul of Cookie Monster in Hell? Do you like sleazy riffs, played by guitarists who do more than just abuse their strings repeatedly? Do you want to hear a band that if you took your girl to one of their shows she might just leave with them and not you? Well, yeah that would suck, but it would be so worth it after you have been rocked out by Angus Khan!

Describing themselves as “Angus Young meets Genghis Khan in a back alley fight,” this band is what this world needs right now. Righteous, in your face, butt-kicking rock and roll. Upon first listen of their debut album Black Leather Soul, a true rock connoisseur will detect essence of Stooges, a note of Motorhead, delectable dashes of Runaways, a hint of Hanoi Rocks, all wrapped into a casing molded from the very furnaces which forged AC/DC. If that isn’t enough to grab your attention, know then that the band is spawned from members of Jesters of Destiny, Streetwalkin’ Cheetahs and B-Movie Rats.

There are no power ballads or filler songs here, just 12 tracks of glam-bam-punk-you-ma’am rockers. sourced:

Huge thanks to Frank "Sgt. Rock" Meyer for sending this to us and permitting it to be posted.

SWEET JUSTICE [2004] Sweet Justice

While Sweet Justice may have started as a meeting of the minds between members of three notable punk rock bands, musically the trio quickly evolved into a group with the talent and the versatility to take any number of stylistic paths. Sweet Justice was formed in 2002 by Frank Meyer, former singer and guitarist with the Streetwalkin' Cheetahs. Meyer had written the screenplay for an independent film called Fat Cats, and needed to come up with some source music for the movie. Looking for a 1970s hard rock vibe, Meyer invited bassist Bruce Duff (who had worked with ADZ, Jeff Dahl, and .45 Grave in the past) and Todd Westover (formerly of the BellRays) on drums to record some songs in his home studio. Meyer and Duff were happy enough with the material to decide to make Sweet Justice an ongoing project, and when the band turned into a full-time concern after the breakup of the Cheetahs, Westover vacated the drum seat and another BellRays veteran, Chris Markwood, took over. The band started playing gigs on the Los Angeles club scene, sharing bills with Rocket from the Tombs, the Lazy Cowgirls, Legal Weapon, and Zeke, and after contributing tracks to a couple compilation albums, made their recorded debut on a split 7" shared with legendary Midwest rocker Scott Morgan. In 2003, Sweet Justice signed to the Philadelphia-based independent label Real O Mind Records, and they issued the band's first full-length album in the spring of 2004. sourced:

01 - Guns Of Navarone
02 - Sold Me Out
03 - Outta Site
04 - True To You
05 - Last Night
06 - Johnny Ricco And The Kid
07 - Travelin' Blues
08 - Slide
09 - If You Look Like A Star
10 - Don't Cry On Somebody Else's Shoulder
11 - Blood And Alcohol
12 - Hey Christina
13 - Baby Love

55.26 Mb

Frank Meyer is a man who loves his rock & roll, as anyone who has ever lent an ear to his work with the Streetwalkin' Cheetahs already knows, but his definition of the term goes beyond mere faster-and-louder blamalama, and the self-titled debut album from his new band Sweet Justice moves past the old-school punk sounds of the Cheetahs into plenty of tasty new directions. Teaming up with ex-ADZ bassist Bruce Duff and drummer Chris Markwood (who kept time for the Bellrays), Meyer and Sweet Justice deliver the high-powered goods on tunes like the bitter "Sold Me Out" and the blazing "Blood and Alcohol," but the trio offers plenty more for your entertainment dollar -- straight-from-the-gut blues ("True to You," "Travelin' Blues"), '70s style party shakers ("Outta Site," "Last Night"), Thin Lizzy-on-speed power ballads ("Johnny Ricco and the Kid"), deep-space dub ("Hey Christina"), and high-gloss pop production pieces ("If You Look Like a Star," with guest vocals from Save Ferris belter Monique Powell). For some bands, eclecticism is a code word for not knowing just what you want to do, but Sweet Justice sound firmly committed and confident on all 13 tracks, and with good reason -- these guys have damn good songs, they play 'em with passion, skill, and just the right touch (no matter which direction they're going), and they're not so interested in worrying about what they "should" be doing as they are in making a great record. And that's just what they've done: Sweet Justice is a very impressive calling card for a band's first turn at bat, and while they could go any number of places from this starting point, it's hard to imagine many of 'em not being well-worth hearing. Impressive stuff, even if the prior resumés of the guys on board mean nothing to you. sourced:

Huge thanks to Frank Meyer for sending us this and permitting it to be posted.


This rip-roaring live set of garage-rock from the Streetwalkin' Cheetahs marks the Los Angeles quartet's 2005 return to live performance after a three-year hiatus. It includes covers of the Flamin' Groovies' "Slow Death," the MC5's Looking At You," and the Stooges' "Funhouse," as well as searing versions of their own "None of Your Business" and the punky "Miss Teen USA". sourced:

01 - None Of Your Business
02 - What's Coming To Me
03 - Future Lost
04 - Miss Teen USA
05 - No More
06 - Shawna
07 - Motor City USA
08 - Looking At You
09 - Durango
10 - Satisfy
11 - Disease
12 - Kick Me Down
13 - Freak Out Man
14 - Built For Speed
15 - Funhouse
16 - Slow Death

58.27 Mb

Huge thanks to Frank Meyer for sending us this and permitting it to be posted.

THE STREETWALKIN' CHEETAHS [2003] Greetings From Gainesville

This LA four piece delivers hard drivin, no nonsense, go for the throat, Punk Rock'n'Roll. "Greetings From Gainesville" will prove to be the most personal album to date and certainly their most diverse. sourced:

01 - Good Morning
02 - Strangled By Love
03 - When God & The Devil Agree
04 - Geek Like Me
05 - Ward 6
06 - Destination Zero
07 - Rock & Roll Fade Away
08 - December In A Day
09 - Come To Mind
10 - Born Leader
11 - Crucified
12 - One In The Chamber
13 - On My Way
14 - Preach
15 - Larger Than Life
16 - Kiss Me Twice Goodnight

54.43 Mb

Huge thanks to Frank Meyer for sending us this and permitting it to be posted.

THE STREETWALKIN' CHEETAHS [2002] Guitars, Guns & Gold

The lines between MC5 and Stooges guitar abrasion, glam's penchant for fun, and metal's bombast get more twisted than your sister on this hodgepodge of rare singles, live cuts, outtakes, spit-takes, and self-realized mistakes from a band that would define Los Angeles if the world was fair. The liner notes see the band taking Guitars, Guns & Gold as seriously as such a motley crew of tunes deserves, but ignore this disc at your own peril; just making Iron Maiden's "Sanctuary" and "Los Angeles" by X seem almost like the same song is worth the price of admission alone. sourced:

01 - Small Town Killer
02 - Guitars, Guns & Gold
03 - Generator
04 - The Night Billy Wanted To Fly
05 - Those Days Are Gone
06 - Los Angeles
07 - No More
08 - Kamikaze
09 - Dirty Mockingbird
10 - Sanctuary
11 - I Wanna Die For X-Mas
12 - Coming Down
13 - Carnival

36.74 Mb

Huge thanks to Frank Meyer for sending us this and permitting it to be posted.

Friday, January 10, 2014

THE STREETWALKIN' CHEETAHS [2001] Waiting For The Death Of My Generation

It's not the least bit surprising that the Streetwalkin' Cheetahs lifted their name from the first line of "Search and Destroy," one of Iggy Pop's most incendiary songs; the Cheetahs use the Stooges as one of their sonic reference points. But the number of other '70s stalwarts that surface in the Cheetahs' blazing, brilliant sophomore album, Waiting for the Death of My Generation, is nothing short of astounding.

Of course the Cheetahs can claim influences from four disparate decades of music and be right on the money with all of them. The band is as punk as the Stooges and the MC5 ("Right to Rock"), as metal as Motörhead ("Future Lost"), as new-wave as the Cars ("Automatic"), as brightly poppy as Cheap Trick ("Lookout"), and as hard-rock horny as Aerosmith ("In My Head"). The Cheetahs betray at least one sidelong influence with a blistering cover of the Saints' "Know Your Product," complete with Stones-ish horns and insistent hooks, followed by the full throttle Beatles-meets-Minor Threat thrash fest "Why You Gotta Come First."

Guitarists Frank Meyer and Art Jackson are encyclopedic riff historians who have successfully incorporated the hooks of their ancestors into their own top-volume execution. The Cheetahs ably combine the belligerence and animal power of Ace Frehley, James Williamson, and Wayne Kramer with the visceral fury of each successive generation of punk thrown in for needle-burying goodness. By the end of 40 heart-stopping minutes on Waiting for the Death of My Generation, it's clear that the Streetwalkin' Cheetahs are a shrieking rock 'n' roll time capsule, bursting with lore from the past and ready to alter the future. sourced:

01 - Right To Rock
02 - Future Lost
03 - No More
04 - Automatic
05 - Know Your Product
06 - Why You Gotta Come First
07 - White Collar Money
08 - Lookout
09 - Mama Train
10 - Petty Little Girl
11 - In My Head
12 - Dirty Mockingbird

37.18 Mb

Huge thanks to Frank Meyer for sending us this and permitting it to be posted.

The Streetwalkin' Cheetahs

Recently reunited L.A. punk rawk 'n' rollers The Streetwalkin' Cheetahs have toured the world, released over 10 albums, and won multiple awards.

After 12 years of hibernation, legendary Los Angeles rawk ‘n’ roll firebrands The Streetwalkin Cheetahs have reunited in 2014 to hit the road and take their beer-soaked, fist-pumpin’ hard rockin’ action to the people. Lead by founding members Frank Meyer (vocals, guitar), Dino Everett (bass), Mike Sessa (drums) and new guitarist Bruce Duff (ADZ, 45 Grave, Jeff Dahl), The Streetwalkin' Cheetahs will be touring for the first time since their 2002 breakup, playing songs off their heralded albums Live on KXLU, Waiting For the Death of My Generation, Maximum Overdrive, Red Tape Diaries, and more.

Back in the day, the band toured the world, recorded over 10 albums for iconic indie labels such as Triple XXX and Bomp!/Alive, appeared on over 100 compilations, soundtracks and tribute albums, and were critical darlings, receiving rave press in Rolling Stone, Spin, Alternative Press, Flipside, LA Weekly, and all the hip ‘zines and weeklies. Along the way, they scooped up a slew of New Times awards, collaborated with punk legends such as Wayne Kramer (MC5), Cherie Currie (The Runaways), Sylvain Sylvain (New York Dolls), Jimmy Zero (Dead Boys) and Deniz Tek (Radio Birdman), and shared stages with such acts as The White Stripes, Queens of the Stone Age, Turbonegro, Supersuckers, Nashville Pussy, Reverend Horton Heat, Fishbone, Fear, John Frusciante, and countless others. And right before his untimely passing, Joey Ramone declared them his favorite band…ironic, considering a few years later Cheetahs frontman Meyer co-wrote the book "On the Road with the Ramones".

In 2014 The Streetwalkin Cheetahs will bring back their sweat-drenched, high energy rock ‘n’ roll attack back to the stage to defend your right to rock. There is a 7" vinyl single with 2 brand new songs on it planned for Spring 2014 via Little T&A Records/Big Cartel, a song on an upcoming Decendents tribute album, and a west coast tour to be announced soon. A full album of all-new material is planned for later this year.

Keep checking their facebook page for tour dates for their upcoming US West Coast April tour with Cheetah Chrome of the Dead Boys!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Jeff Dahl - French Cough Syrup

Jeff Dahl is an American musician born in Stuttgart, Germany in 1955. In 1960 the Dahl family relocated to Hawaii.

Dahl recorded his first single, "Rock N Roll Critic", in 1977, which as released on the Doodley Squat label. Dahl later served time in The Angry Samoans (in 1985, stepping in for "Metal" Mike Saunders) and Powertrip, and played and recorded with guitar legends Cheetah Chrome (Dead Boys) and Rikk Agnew (Adolescents). He was also a member of Vox Pop (along with members of Germs, 45 Grave and Dream Syndicate).

Dahl has performed on approximately 26 full-length albums (including studio albums, live albums, bootlegs, and best-of collections) and 100 7" singles, many out of print. He has toured extensively and worked in studio production in the United States, Europe and Japan.

Track Listing

1French Cough Syrup
2Pinpoint Eyes
3If She Were My Girl
4The Last Summer
5So Pretty
6Dance All Night
7Spit It Out
8Circa '70
9Talkin' Away
11Still High
12Your Poison

Andrew Winter and the Reckless Dodgers - Be Prepared

Andrew "Stripes" Winter steps out from behind the drums to command an eclectic group of catchy posi-alt-country-rock songs.

Track Listing:

Silver Lining
Sinking Feeling
This Night (I call Bad Luck)
Make It Right

Thursday, January 2, 2014


02 - NIKKI SUDDEN - Butterfly
03 - FREDDY LYNXX - Too Many Hearts
04 - TRASH BRATS - Sentenced Man
05 - KEVIN K - Crime Scene
06 - TWO SAINTS - 12 O'Clock High
07 - D GENERATION - Capital Offender
08 - JEFF DAHL - Look At You
09 - THE DRAGONS - Campus Avenue
10 - PARADISE ALLEY - Baby Don't Go
11 - VISAGE - Malpaso Man
12 - AEROSMITH - Let The Music Do The Talking
13 - THE BOSSHOSS - Stallion Battalion
14 - AC/DC - Let There Be Rock
15 - MINISTRY - Jesus Built My Hotrod (Update Mix)
16 - AMON AMARTH - Pursuit Of Vikings
17 - ARCH ENEMY - The Day You Died
18 - LAMB OF GOD - Descending
19 - VOLBEAT - Hallelujah Goat
20 - DEVILDRIVER - Just Run

118.62 Mb

Tracks 01 - 10 selected and arranged by nekrodad
Tracks 11 - 20 selected and arranged by barkingdog

This is a teaser compilation, shouldn't be too hard to work out what it's a teaser for.