Friday, February 28, 2014

The Loaded Nuns - The Loaded Nuns

Well for my last few post here at the blog, I thought I would drop some rippers for you all. Yes you heard right, I will be leaving the blog. I have a new site opening up and need to focus there. But this sure has been one hell of a ride with the Dog. Enjoy the dirty sleazy fuck n roll known as the LOADED NUNS!!!

THE LOADED NUNS SELF-TITLED CD The Loaded Nuns are really fucking kool. Old skool scumbag punk just the way we like it. Classic Rock magazine said: “I’m not sure there’s anything to know about the band that the name doesn’t already explain. Take a hunk of 50’s greaser-rock, mush it into a pile of 70’s punk, and you’ve got these freaks. A simple formula for sure, but executed with near-surgical finesse, not unlike the way that fat maniac at the diner down the road makes pancakes. You think you know pancakes until you eat one of his, and then whole new doors of perception are blown right open. Same deal here. They’ve got a debut album on the way from Zodiac Killer records, and they play “damn-near every goddamn weekend”, if you are blessed/cursed enough to live in or around Lexington, KY. If not, well, let’s just wait for today’s Track of the Day to circulate around the world for a week or two, and they’re bound to get snagged as the opening act for some world-hopping band. Coldplay, maybe. Prodigy. Who knows?” That outta give you some clue. Buy up or fuck off! Zodiac huffs Glade while snarking down moonshine and listening to these boys on a Saturday night drive-around! YEEEEEEE-HAAAAAAAWWWW!!! CAN’T CATCH ME PIGS!!!


Sunday, February 9, 2014

Radicts, The ‎– Rebel Sound

Back in the late 80's and early 90's, the Radicts were one of the biggest punk bands in New York. They took their roots from 1977 era punk bands and punched things up. Catchy songs mixed with great sing along choruses and lots of angst. Lots of angst. In the early 90's th Radicts were cited as an influence on Rancid and Billie Joe from Green Day said they were one of his favorite bands from the East Coast. It has been out of print for almost 12 years, and has sold for big money in the collector's market. At last, it is back in print.


1 No Place Like Home
2 I Don't Wanna Hear It
3 Rebel Sound
4 Six Of Them
5 Kids Of A Nation
6 Cruel Times
7 World Gone Mad
8 Rich & The Dirty
9 Johnny Too Bad
10 Radio Riot
11 Revolution City
12 Wanna Be A Radict


Sunday, February 2, 2014

2 Fat Punks Coming soon!!!

New blog launching in mid February friends. Its going to be great. We at 2 Fat Punks are hard at work on the art work. And a lot of major plans. Stay tuned for official launch date.


Jeff Dahl - Last Of The Hardcore Troubadours (Ltd Ed. Acoustic CD)

This is Jeff's 4th acoustic album and is very ltd. There were 50 made and as you can see below I have number 24. Once again Dahl delivers.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Jeff Dahl - Back At The Devil Tree Ranch (Ltd. Ed. Acoustic CD)

Jeff's 3rd acoustic album, it was released in 1996 and again has acoustic demos. This one has almost more of a Steve Earl sound on a few tracks. But you still get your signature Dahl sound.

Jeff Dahl - Back At The Devil Tree Ranch

1Some Of Us
2Lonely Tears
3So Pretty
4I Love This Stuff
5With Friends Like This
6Lasy Gypsy Blues
7Still High
8Errol Flynn
9Roky Drive Alone
10This Slender Thread
11Raga 13

Jeff Dahl - Moonchild (Ltd Ed. Acoustic CD)

This is a excellent album. It features acoustic demos for Jeff's 1994 album Leather Frankenstein. One of my personal favorite albums since its release.

Jeff Dahl - Moonchild

1Weird Boy Plays Strange Opening
2Only Lovers Left Alive
3Dead Heroes
4I Think I Lost My Mind
5Leather Frankenstein
6 Can´t Keep From Cryin´
7 Dear Lady
8 Like An Angel
9 A Question Of Soul
10 Dreamer´s Waltz