Saturday, June 28, 2014


01 - DEVILDRIVER - Sail [Awolnation]
02 - METALLICA - Loverman [Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds]
03 - EXODUS - Overdose [AC/DC]
04 - DIMMU BORGIR - Burn In Hell [Twisted Sister]
05 - OVERKILL - Frankenstein [Edgar Winter Group]
06 - METAL CHURCH - Toys In The Attic [Aerosmith]
07 - MISERY INDEX - Dead Shall Rise [Terrorizer]
08 - CANCER BATS - Children Of The Grave [Black Sabbath]
09 - CRUSHER - Jesus Saves [Slayer]
10 - ENTOMBED - Black Breath [Repulsion]
11 - THERION - Crazy Nights [Loudness]
12 - FUDGE TUNNEL - Cat Scratch Fever [Ted Nugent]
13 - SEPULTURA - The Hunt [New Model Army]
14 - CHILDREN OF BODOM - No Commands [Stone]
15 - TOXIC HOLOCAUST - Bombshell Rock [Inepsy]
16 - KRISIUN - Refuse/Resist [Sepultura]
17 - ARCH ENEMY - Scream Of Anger [Europe]
18 - TANKARD - Alcohol [Gang Green]
19 - POWERGOD - Madhouse [Anthrax]
20 - MACHINE HEAD - Battery [Metallica]

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THE DOG'S PICKS OF 2014: Volume 03

01 - THE WILD MAGNOLIA MARIACHIS - Don't Trust The Suits
02 - THE FAR WEST - On The Road
03 - BLACKWATER JUKEBOX - Heave Away (aka The Scrimshaw Blues)
04 - CAMPER VAN BEETHOVEN - It Was Like That When We Got Here
05 - STANDARD UNION - Tall Poppies
06 - THE NEW CHRISTS - Unless
07 - BENEATH THE CELLAR - Long Past Due Surrender
09 - DIRTY WOMAN - Behind The Mask
10 - F.T.W. BOOGIE MACHINE - Snakebite Woman
11 - HELLDORADO - All Eyes On Me
12 - BLACK LABEL SOCIETY - Dark Side Of The Sun
13 - TANKARD - Breakfast For Champions
14 - ELECTRIC HELLRIDE - Higher Profanity
15 - HELLBENT - Sacrifice
16 - DEATH DENIED - The Morning After
17 - WARTEX - Born To Suffer
18 - EXODIA - Wicked Seed
19 - SOMEDAY I COULD KILL - White Persia
20 - MASTODON - High Road

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Thursday, June 19, 2014


01 - TESTAMENT - Powerslave [Iron Maiden]
02 - SUIDAKRA - Let Me Put My Love Into You [AC/DC]
03 - CALIBAN - Among The Living [Anthrax]
04 - DESTRUCTION - U.S.A. [The Exploited]
05 - JUNGLE ROT - Agent Orange [Sodom]
06 - SIX FEET UNDER - At Dawn They Sleep [Slayer]
07 - DECAYED REMAINS - Christ Passion [Sodom]
08 - ABORTED - Suffer The Children [Napalm Death]
09 - HELL:ON - Revolution [Moira]
10 - SODOM - A Hazy Shade Of Winter [Simon & Garfunkel]
11 - AMON AMARTH - Aerials [System Of A Down]
12 - MINISTRY AND CO-CONSPIRATORS - Paranoid [Black Sabbath]
13 - ANNIHILATOR - Hell Bent For Leather [Judas Priest]
14 - OVERKILL - Under The Blade [Twisted Sister]
15 - CANNIBAL CORPSE - No Remorse [Metallica]
16 - WARBRINGER - (We Are) The Road Crew [Motörhead]
17 - CHILDREN OF BODOM - Silent Scream [Slayer]
18 - THROWDOWN - London Dungeon [Misfits]
19 - ARCH ENEMY - Walk In The Shadows [Queensrÿche]
20 - MOTÖRHEAD - Whiplash [Metallica]

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Sunday, June 15, 2014

I Quit Friends !!!

I personally want to say thanks to you all for downloading whatever crap I have posted on the DOGS BLOG. Its been fun and real and a good run. Kudos to the Dog for having me on for so many years and through thick and thin. But I think its my time to move on from the blog. My musical taste have just changed to much from the Dogs and some things really bug me. So in order to preserve a friendship. I must humbly get going.

I am also very sick and not doing well and honestly a full time job kids and a label and another blog and 2 music clubs. I am just spent.

I know we all like what we like and hey its great to post bands I don't like and vice versa. But I honestly feel that some of our street credit you might say is deeply damaged by certain post. In now way is this a easy listening blog. Well I didn't think so anyways.

Anyways have fun and maybe I'll see ya bastards again.


Saturday, June 14, 2014

THE DOG'S PICKS OF 2014: Volume 02

01 - THE DIRTY GUV'NAHS - Someone To Love
02 - NQ ARBUCKLE - Life Boat (Song For Carolyn Mark)
04 - ROCKET 350 - That's Life (Acoustic)
06 - BANDINTEXAS - Polka Dot Dress
07 - THE DEVIL'S CUT - Bridge Diving
08 - PETER PAN SPEEDROCK - Wide-Eyed And Thirsty
09 - RUST - Boots And Buckles
10 - BURIED IN VERONA - Revival
11 - HATRIOT - Silence In The House Of The Lord
12 - KILLER BE KILLED - Snakes Of Jehovah
13 - FULL DEVIL JACKET - Blood Of The Innocent
14 - AZREAL - Cease To Be
15 - HELLYEAH - Cross To Bier (Cradle Of Bones)
17 - DOG HEAD - Abomination
18 - TOY CALLED GOD - Conspiracy (feat. Craig Lociero)
19 - MISS MAY I - Darker Days
20 - ARCH ENEMY - As The Pages Burn

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Monday, June 9, 2014

Introducing... PEARS

PEARS is a hardcore punk band from New Orleans, LA.

Zach Quinn yells a lot and gets tired.
Brian Pretus plays the guitar and sings a little.
Alex Talbot plays the bass and yells a little.
John Bourgeois plays the drums real fast.

They enjoy spending their time worrying about stuff, getting stressed out, making things inconvenient, spilling things, broken equipment, fast songs, aggravating their booking agent, getting nervous, having panic attacks, and jokes.

The things they enjoy are beautifully demonstrated when they play music together.

PEARS have recently announced the release of their first full length album, "Go To Prison," which is set for June 24th. They are both releasing and promoting the record independently.

Their CD release show is in New Orleans on June 24th with A Wilhelm Scream and Red City Radio and they plan to tour extensively to promote the record. Also, people can pre-order the cd with some extra goodies from their Storenvy!

They've recently premiered the first single off the record, "Framework," which is streaming at Dying Scene:

“Framework” video:

Link for Pre-Ordering:

For a "name your price" download of ...In Diapers 2014 Demos EP go here:

Introducing... Ravenous

Ravenous was formed in Southampton in early 2008 when (bassist) Leon Maidment Millar joined an old school friend (lead guitar/vocals) Dave Game and band mates (drummer) Rich Giles,(rhythm) Dave Foster in performing covers of the Thrash/Groove metal genre with only one original song named Ravenous!

After much indecision it was decided that Ravenous would be the most fitting name for the new direction of the band and the craving need to break the fashionable trends in metal and return to its rawer roots with more lyrical structure and 'lyrical' lyrics.

Ravenous performs live with original sets and are always well received. With the exception of the introduction of rhythm player Adam Robbins, Ravenous continues on the same path with more and more original material and an ever increasing appetite for anthemic and meaningful composition.

Ravenous released their debut album "We Are Become Death" on Coffee Jingle Records in Feb 2013 to widespread critical acclaim and featuring the progressive track 'Easter Island'. While based around more popular movements of the Metal genre, 'Easter Island' attempts to bring more meaningful and lyrical composition back to the genre.

Easter Island Official Music Video:

Stream entire album via Soundcloud:

Purchase album via iTunes:

Album available on CD:

Coffee Jingle Records

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Introducing... Bandintexas

Bandintexas are not a band in Texas nor are they banned in Texas, Bandintexas are Sydney based all girl indie punk pop rockers and are celebrating their 2014 debut release The ABCD-EP.

Formed in 2010, Bandintexas consists of four Ladies, three instruments, two microphones, a megaphone and one of the most engaging live rock shows you'll ever see.

After three years of rock n roll refinement, countless live shows, line up changes, late nights, light bulb musical moments, tears and the embraces that make everything okay again, 2014 brings the official release of Bandintexas’ The ABCD-EP and finally gives loyal fans something to take home.

The EP is a culmination of tracks written and recorded since the bands inception. Described as “a manic musical journey, from the heights of melodic pop rock to the depths of dirty indie punk.” This release proves that the ladies of Texas mean business.

Bandintexas are not your typical rock band; they are defined by their live show. The combination of eclectic tunes, audience interaction, stand up comedy style mid song patter and songs so catchy you will literally be singing along on first listen, make a Bandintexas show one that you should not miss and one you will certainly not forget.

The ladies are just about to hit the road on an east coast tour to celebrate their first release. The tour started with a show on Saturday June 7th at The Espy in Melbourne, with Sydney, Newcastle and Brisbane to follow.

The official first single from The ABCD-EP is White Mouses. White Mouses is the grammatically incorrect brainchild of Bandintexas Guitarist Sophie Bollen. “The song is about not being quite connected to everything around you. About the isolation we can feel, the paranoia, the fear, the madness, the repetition of thought and the beauty of accepting your own personal version of insanity. We're all a little bit crazy in our own way.”

Check it out here:

The second single is Disco Blood Bath. This is their 80’s inspired punk rock disco moment. Synths, Guitars and energy reminiscent of the girl bands they loved in the 90’s. Loyal Sydney crowds go wild whenever they play this track. This is the ultimate cocaine fueled midlife crisis, where you buy a Harley, find a younger woman, get a bad tattoo, act like you are 20 again and completely fuck things up.

Check it out here:

Free downloads of White Mouses and Disco Blood Bath now available at:

Full EP available for purchase at:

Streaming on SoundCloud: